Wayne -Amazon prime series

Anytime watching this? It’s kind of cool. I’m not really sure how to describe it… It’s about a kid from new England who is kind of a punisher-esque anti-hero. It’s kind of a dark comedy maybe?

I guess it’s made by the folks who made Deadpool?

Oh, here’s a trailer:

I guess this actually came out a year ago as a YouTube original series, and now Amazon’s picked it up?

Thanks for the rec! Watched a few yesterday. As a Mass resident I appreciate the ridiculous accents. Don’t find the titular character very interesting, but the actress who plays Del is great. Dean Winters and the twins are fantastic comedic relief (the sergeant is growing on me too).

Ya, the overall casting is very well done. It’s a hillarious show.

This was a youtube series wasnt it? I watched it at the start of this year, a lot of fun!

Thanks for the recommendation. I’m 3 episodes in and it’s growing on me each episode.

Finished the series, and enjoyed it a lot! Never loved the main character, but the supporting cast is so strong that the show more than makes up for it.

Fingers crossed enough people binge it to make Amazon consider a second season!

On Episode 5. Loving it.

It really sunk its hooks into me when they played “Working Man” by Rush in Ep 4.

And the Mayhem guy as the dad is great.

I just started it and like the first episode. Seems like End of The F***ing World mixed with Corvette Summer.

Looks like we got a season 2 greenlit: https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/wayne-amazon-season-2-release-date/amp

That only suggests that the writer knows what will happen in season 2, not that Amazon bought it yet

For some reason this isn’t on Amazon in the UK. Or anywhere else other than Youtube Premium as far as I can tell. Which is odd, as I thought YT had taken all its shows out from behind the paywall. Maybe this will be the trigger that gets me to finally stump up for premium. Between getting rid of ads on my TV and the incessant prompts on my phone, it’s almost worth it just for that.

I watched the first two episodes tonight and I’m enjoying the fuckin’ shit out of it

The police chief steals every scene he is in, mostly by the power of his voice and almost John Wayne drawl.

We nearly died laughing when he stated he didn’t know how a drawing of the boy’s little john would help.

Wow. Now THAT is a trailer. I am, without putting too fine a point on it, a rather picky bastard who can be hard to impress. That trailer totally sold me on this series. I’m in.

Done. Good time had. Definitely recommend.