Wayward Tide! by Chucklefish

I saw on the news sites that Chucklefish have announced their next game, Wayward Tide!

Wayward Tide is a co-operative top-down action adventure game, taking place in a treacherous archipelago during the golden age of piracy. You and up to three other friends will find yourselves in a bustling sea-town, ready to swash-buckle your way through five mysterious islands, of ever increasing riches (and difficulty). You’ll battle dangerous enemies, hoard treasures, solve fiendish puzzles and avoid deadly traps… or maybe you’ll backstab your crew to get ahead!

There are 4 really big screenshots in that linked blog post.

After Starbound I can’t say I’m inclined to give them any more money. It’s right up there with Zomboid in my “Vaporware I got suckered into” list.

Not so vapor-ish, apparently.