Waze without cellular plan?


We’re on a long cross country drive and we’re using our dedicated Garmin GPS. My wife prefers the large size of the unit. However, I’ve got Waze open on my iPhone (passenger) and much prefer Waze. But I also use my phone for a lot of other things while traveling.

Question: could you get a cheaper large phone, with no cellular plan, and use it basically just for Waze? Or does Waze require the phone provider cell data plan for navigation, alerts, etc?


Yeah, it needs an online connection so that not only can Waze get a sense of your traffic, but to give you all the alerts and such.

Maybe get a cheap phone with a pre-paid or pay as you go plan just for this trip?


Isn’t Waze without an Internet connection just Google Maps? And you can download the maps for online use if you just wanted a map.

I guess I don’t understand what you want from it, since all of its features are online related.


Tether the other phone to your iPhone.


I think waze without cellular is same as google without cellular, in google maps you can set your route and turn data off, It will still make the route without any issues. Even if you leave the app and come back it will sync where you are, if you want to see live traffic though then you have to turn the data on.


Does ‘pay as you go’ exist in America?


It does for come carriers. :)

Since this seems to be the only WAZE thread we have, I want to mention for the first time I noticed, there are tiny plows showing up on the app now. At least for the PA turnpike.


Oh wow, what do they signify? Actual plows?


Correct, just like when Waze shows users driving around. It now also shows plows!


If you search for Plymouth Meeting PA, you’ll see the local PennDOT salt refill station , with lots of little plows.


Man, I spent so much time at that mall in my youth.

Also wow, I sees them! Neat!