WC3 - Cinematic sound problems?

Started playing WC3 again in preparation for Frozen Throne, and noticed that the audio in the FMVs plays about half a second late. Sound effects and voices happen well after they’re supposed to. I had this problem on my G4 Mac, too, but I figured it was just one of those Mac problems. Now it’s also here on my P4, so maybe this is universal? It only happens during the FMV, not in-game.

Is there a way to fix this or something? Be a shame to have to pop in the CE DVD just to see Blizzard’s CG work in correct form.


As far as I know, WC3 installs some kind of custom codec (although I don’t know whether it was for video or audio) for its FMV. I’d wager this is a conflict between that codec and some other codec that is installed on your system. I remember having all sorts of similar problems back when I was messing around with those funky “codec packs” that are available on nasty evil pirate video websites.