We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


Not climate change related but this is just really bad.
Elephants (along with rhinos and a host of other wildlife) are being poached at a rate where they won’t exist in the wild for much longer. So let’s just kill some more before they’re all gone.


The soon-to-be-removed restrictions were, of course, put in place by the Obama administration. So obviously Trump’s folks cannot allow them to stand.


It’s so entirely reprehensible.
It’s good to see the outcry against it, maybe USFWS will not go through with it.


Good article. And it doesn’t sound as hopeless as I was afraid it was going to sound. Just because the task will be huge and expensive, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. But it does mean that it will be more expensive than just cutting emissions. And the longer we wait, the more necessary it becomes, and the higher the scale of negative emissions needs to be.

(Gah, I messed up my grammar there, somehow, but too lazy to reword it. You know what I mean).


“Under climate change, the Pacific Islands region is projected to become warmer, less oxygenated, more acidic, and have lower production of plankton that form the base of oceanic food webs,” Rebecca Asch, lead author of the study and assistant professor of in the biology department at East Carolina University, said in a statement. “We found that local extinction of marine species exceed 50 percent of current biodiversity levels across many regions and at times reached levels over 80 percent.”


Apparently, you get more funding if you avoid saying that you’re working on “climate change.”


I’ll say it again. This is Lysenkoism, pure and simple.



That tweet made me want to punch something; then I read some of the replies and felt better.




Ugh: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/jan/04/oceans-suffocating-dead-zones-oxygen-starved


LMAO libtards!!! Fish breathe water, not oxygen! LOL


This is… perfect. Just perfect. I had to double take at the username to make sure it wasn’t actually a raving conservative.


Climate alarmists like Randy are going to either hate this, or ignore it. I’d put my money on the latter.


What I find scary in this newsbit, is still the tendancy of thinking that if hot is tempered by cool, it’s ok because it is averaged in the numbers. Humans just need a way to live in that average, and stop being affected by the silly swing of the numbers, eh.


Unsurprisingly, the article in nature doesn’t at all support the claim made by the hack at the daily caller.


People who are seriously worried about climate change would be thrilled to have it proven that it was all untrue. No sane person wants climate change to be true. What we want is for public policy to be guided by serious experts who are concerned about more than team membership or short-term economic gain. And yes, it’ll take more than a Daily Caller article to overturn the findings of the vast majority of climate scientists. But if it genuinely turns out that ‘everything’s OK, carbon dioxide makes the world smell like pixie farts,’ I’ll be popping champagne corks with everyone else. (The opposite assertion, ‘don’t worry about carbon dioxide because a supervolcano is going to kill us all anyway’ is less comforting and based on the fallacy that because you can’t fix everything, you shouldn’t try to fix anything.)

The politicization of the climate question, its grotesque mangling to fit into a left/right axis despite its prima facie relevance to all humans regardless of political affiliation, is the greatest absurdity of this most absurd period in American society.


This is in fact the best Storage technology currently available. It’s expensive and limited to hilly areas, but it is economically viable.

One of the things that make it hard for me to take most renewables advocates seriously is they don’t consider the storage problem in their comparisons.

At the moment pretty much every GW of demand covered by wind power needs to be backed by either a lot of storage - given the U.K. had a basically no wind day on 21st December at least 24 GWh - or by an equivalent amount of gas generation ( the latter is what actually happens)

So far renewables have mainly let us turn the gas plants off for more of the time - which is great! But the renewables vs nuclear comparisons never take the cost of the gas generation, or the carbon emissions, into account.


First time all 5 dams were closed, and probably not the last time with the way everything is turning out.