We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster



The Tesla Model 3 is still in early production with high demand as a tech product and as a fashion statement. It remains to be seen if sales momentum can keep up. I have my doubts, a moderately well equipped 2WD model is $80,000 Canadian. The Nissan Leaf is far less costly with still-acceptable range, but few are expecting it to take the world by storm. Still, I hope sales continue to do well and I find it desirable.


Jesus, this shit continues. Welcome to this year’s Santa Ana season:


My brother in Oregon texted me about the Ventura fires, he was like “you okay?” I was like “I’m in L.A., you probably know more about those fires than I do.”

The last couple years it’s been like, “half our state is on fire. What’s for dinner?”


Totally. I’m in San Diego and only heard about it because I checked my news feed.


I am in Northern California. When I went out to lunch the world smelled of ash and the blood orange sun was buried behind haze that started about 20 feet in the air. The last report I had from my fiance (who works in the forest service) was this morning and that the fire went from 20,000 acres and 0% contained last night to 70,000 acres and 5% contained while at times moving at 5.5 miles per MINUTE under gusts of wind.

Besides the horror that is happening on the ground, this reminds me of the conversation just two weeks ago about how mega fires have dramatic effect on the climate and are a very big question mark about future impact. I also was struck by the reality that this is not August, not September, not even October…it is fairly cool here and in the second week of NOVEMBER. We are starting the new drought cycle after a mere 1 year of rain last year (that was fairly compressed during the season). This is not the new normal. The new normal is not known yet.


The last South Park gave me some hope. I know Libertarians like Matt & Trey, and Penn & Teller have thought man-made global warming wasn’t real, but in this episode, they finally admit Al Gore was right.

Are Libertarians finally coming over to believing the scientific community on this? That makes me feel a little optimistic. (The episode also talks constantly about how great Red Dead Redemption 2 is).


My brother-in-law’s hometown, Paradise, is just gone. His family made it out in time, but lost everything. Their home, their businesses and the hospital his mom worked in. The fire was incredibly quick and they were lucky to get out.


I saw some footage from Paradise… Crazy.


I’m sorry for their loss but I’m glad their family made it. As painful as it must be to lose everything, I’m sure it can’t compare to the loss of a loved one in a time like this.


Anyone watch this week’s Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj?

Apparently there’s been a huge oil spill going on in the Gulf of Mexico since 2004 and I’ve never heard about it until I watched this week’s show?


That article is from October 21st. How is this getting buried in the news?


I’ve heard about this before, on a podcast maybe, I didn’t read the article you linked but if I remember right there is some reason why they are unable to cap the leak.


Trump’s SE Regional EPA Director indicted on Ethics charges… by Alabama

Foxes and Henhouses…


Canada, I’m shocked!


Well, Canada is in a comparatively good place when it comes to global warming, at least until the power armor battalions move north.


I wonder if their military has a contingency plan for the 3C American Invasion.

“We beat you Yanks twice, we’ll beat you again!”


Maybe we could get them to burn the White House again.




There is still some research being done into very large efficient dirigibles for carrying heavy loads. Can’t find a link at the moment.



Wow. Spot-on.

Also, jet fuel icebergs can’t sink big ships.