We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


Of all the geoengineering theories I have heard, I think this one seems the most plausible:

I hope we won’t need to get to this point, but if the only alternative is 3+ degrees celsius warming then the risks may be tolerable.



Yep, we’ve seen the reflective-particles-up-high proposals before. It’s one of those things that I want to like, but I just can’t shake the terrible “what could possibly go wrong” feeling. Unforeseen and unintended consequences…I suppose if they could come up with a way to deploy and also remove particles if circumstances require it, then I’d be able to get behind the idea.


It’s fine, we’d just release a swarm of omnivorous nano-bots to clean it up.




Thanksgiving week, perfect time to bury a report.


I’m surprised it was permitted to be released at all. Perhaps the administration was unaware of the existence of the cross-agency working group that is required by law to compile and release it…

The actual report: https://nca2018.globalchange.gov/


Lost an area the size of London last year, and Bolsonaro isn’t going to help matters any.



I kind of want to laugh and cry…


The thing with the light absorbing aerosols, it’s cheap enough that once things get bad enough, someone, somewhere is going to try it. Bezos could do it for a laugh. And there’s no lack of countries rich enough and in danger enough that once it gets bad enough, well, kind of a foregone conclusion.

And maybe it’ll be bad, but what are the alternatives, change the way we live? Ha…



Some men you just can’t reach.


Trump isn’t about teaching or learning or absorbing anything really. He’s all about incentive. He has too much incentive not to believe it, and he’s old so he doesn’t care either. When someone is wholly self-centered like he is, why would he care if he leaves behind useless dust as his legacy?


But what about Tiffany? TIFFANNYYYYYYY


Eh, I think we can. Just need to convince him of the money to be made in fighting climate change and selling the solution(s). He’s just too blind to see it, poor businessman that he is.


I agree. If Fox News had people on all day talking about how much money we could save by mitigating climate change, I think he would be convinced pretty fast.

Who controls Fox programming now that Ailes is gone? And how can we reach these people?


Two by fours?

Nah, who am I kidding, they are so insulated by their money that peons like you and I could never reach them.

Not without bribing their private security first.


Eventually their money will have no value. Then their security will be the first to draw their knives.


Right, we can just recapitulate the history of the Roman emperors. They were miserable individuals, many of them. Nero constantly terrified of being assassinated, Domitian too – he complained that nobody would believe his fears of assassination until they were proven true by him being assassinated. And he was.

You get back to that Praetorian Guard sort of situation – the rulers are absolutely dependent on the military to protect them from the masses, and the military thereby indirectly control things, except that they don’t really give a shit about policy as long as they keep getting paid. Similar with Janissaries and Mamelukes, I think.