We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


15 years old.


Thank you for posting that amazing speech.


She’s awfully talented for such a young crisis actor, amirite??


I’ve heard that Sweden has been taken over by the Muslim terrorists.


Well, them and death metalers.

This is Sweden now.


Yep. Uncle Elmer says so.


Hey guys, it’s fine. Venus has way more CO2 than Earth, and it’s doing ok.

This is not a parody account.


Kickstarter to send him to Venus, please.


Oh, he’s on the Trump EPA transition team.

Seems about right.


Evil scum. Unbelievable.


And just give him enough oxygen to get there. He’ll clearly be fine just enjoying Venus as is.


Tell him to dress light. It gets warm there.


I’ve seen pedantic people on the left say stuff like that too.

“it’s a threat to the future of the planet”
“the planet will be just fine.”
“what about the wars and flooding and the fires and the refugees and the …”
“those are human problems, the planet will be fine”

Well, yeah, duh, we didn’t mean literally the planet. People are usually talking about the effects on the present ecosystems, including human civilization.


I don’t mind it as a point of clarification but if used to justify inaction then the stupid, it burns


Did anyone else see 60 minutes yesterday? They had two segments on plastic pollution, and it was quite sobering. I have to admit, when I hear about things like getting rid of plastic straws and things like that, I usually scoff and think about how we’ve got much bigger problems with the changing climate. But seeing the visuals here on both segments of 60 minutes was quite sobering. I have to admit, I didn’t really understand the scale of the problem until last night.

The second segment was particularly powerful as she traveled to Midway, and observed the beaches there. Another segment that was eye opening was the part that discussed plastic recycling.


Ready for an insane pile of idiocy?

I’m a lifelong Republican who voted for Donald Trump for president in 2016. I want our immigration laws to be enforced, and I don’t want open borders.


The idiocy here knows no bounds.

People have asked me, “Didn’t you listen to Trump when he said that he would build a wall?” I didn’t take the idea seriously during the campaign.

I knew the guy was lying! I voted for him anyway!

As I followed the news [last week], I was amazed to find myself agreeing with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who called the project “immoral, ineffective and expensive.” Here was a Democrat telling a Republican that a policy would cost too much.


Still, I want to be able to tell my grandchildren and great-grandchildren that I fought against the wall. I worry that, if it goes up, their only experience of the Rio Grande Valley’s natural beauty will be through the photographs that I take today.

No, you fucking asshole, your children should know you voted for the guy who wanted to build the wall, plain and simple.

Ok, real talk here.

This guy is an idiot. If you work in any sort of national resources job, national nature center, or wildlife preserve, a vote for Trump, or a vote for the conservative party was never going to go well for you. I have 0 sympathy for people like this. You voted for the guy who was saying he wanted to do things like build a 20 foot wall across a critical wildlife corridor, and you thought, “Well, he won’t do that because he will balance the budget” You are the delusional one.



This is the one thing that makes me hope they do build a wall - as a “fuck you” to dipshits that voted for Trump with the thought he wouldn’t actually try to do what he said he would do.

I hope the wall they build crushes everything Luciano Guerra holds dear.


Christ I hate this attitude. Yeah let’s wipe out endangered species to spite some dipshit trump voter.


Accelerating extinction to own the trumpists?


They want to be on the “right” side of history they say, but what they really want is to be able to rewrite history so they can say they were on the right side of history when they weren’t.

I am kind of sick of this Republican buyer’s remorse but at the same time trying to take no responsibility themselves.