We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


It’s not easy to admit you were wrong, even internally. Often it’s less difficult to simply convince yourself you were right and to continue driving in that same lane.

I might roll my eyes at their gullibility, but I will never criticize someone for admitting they were wrong about Trump and/or the GOP, especially if they are doing so publicly to encourage others to follow along.


They’re all part of the “I got mine” party line of thought.


But he’s not really admitting he was wrong in the first place.


Meh. He’s leading protests against Trump’s policies, writing anti-Trump op-eds in the Washington Post and stating publicly that he will not vote for Trump again.

I personally don’t need to hear him say “sorry”.


It’s telling that the possibility the wall would kill some migrants was OK with him, but he draws the line at butterflies.


Yeah, which is why he can be not wrong but also be on the right side of history, or something. It’s a real cop-out. It is also common to see in the people who were not wrong but oh no how could this happen crowd.

It’s more like I wasn’t wrong, but it affects me so now I care but let me pretzel the story why I was doing what i was doing before first.


This guy wasn’t tricked by trump. Trump did exactly what he said he’d do and now this guy acts surprised? What kind of logic gap exists in this dude’s brain? Did he think trump would build a special “magic” wall that is penetrable to all species except Homo sapiens?

It’s the age old, “I won’t stand up for what is right until I’m personally affected” attitude of Republicans and Libertarians. It’s like the Kansas legislatutor who was against Obamacare until she got cancer and lost her re-election bid.


Ooh! Look!


In fairness, it’s not really that far a stretch to have believed that Trump wasn’t going to actually build a wall, because his stated plan to build a wall was reallllly dumb. Like, on its face, it was totally implausible.

His stated plan was to have Mexico pay for a giant wall.

It wasn’t some kind of metaphor, either. His plan was that somehow Mexico was literally going to give us money for a giant wall.

That plan was, obviously, idiotic. It was never, ever, going to happen.

Now, for a more rational voter, you might think, “Well, I’m not gonna vote for the guy who is pitching an obviously absurd, implausible idea.”

But apparently a bunch of Trump voters just thought that the dumb parts of his plaform (it was all dumb, but they thought SOME of it was dumb) was just a joke, and he was going to focus on doing the other stuff.

So ya, this guy is dumb, but he’s not dumb for thinking the wall wouldn’t be built as Trump suggested… because it won’t.


See this part just doesn’t make sense. Trump was ALL about the Wall. He talked about it all the time. And about locking Clinton up (also never going to happen for obvious reasons.) His supporters and voters wanted this shit to happen. He was going to make America great (again)! By building a wall, locking up Clinton, etc. It’s not like Trump had all this other reasonable shit in his platform. That was it.

  1. Build a wall
  2. Lock Clinton up
  3. Make America Great Again

At no point did he have some somewhat intelligent shit to say about how #3 would ever happen.


No, the reality is that Trump had a lot of stupid crap mixed up in his platform.

For instance, this guy wanted improved border security, but NOT the wall, because the wall was obviously crazy. Or folks just wanted lower taxes. Or some just wanted to do protectionist bullshit.

A ton of them just wanted to screw over the libtards… Seriously, that was the depth of training behind a bunch of these idiots. Just raw spite with no further rationale.

Since these guys weren’t looking for any kind of consistency, they basically just picked whatever they wanted to believe, and straight up ignored the rest. Some of them believed different amounts of the bull… some believed Mexico was actually going to pay for it, but when pressed on how exactly that was going to work, of course they couldn’t explain it… Usually just came down to “we trade so much with Mexico, they’ll have to.”

This is why trying to have consistent ideas actually matters. Because if you abandon that, then you are open to believing total nonsense.


Sounds like many Christians in that regard, no?


Certainly a significant subset of Christians.


Not to bash Christians, just thinking the venn diagram with Trumpists and a certain group of Xtians has a lot of overlap.


What’s really telling is that you don’t see the irony in posting this in a thread about future ecological devastation. I wish more people would draw the line at the survival of monarch butterflies.


It doesn’t help that so many Christian’s pitched their tents next to the racists and bigots and hate all these other people crowd for one issue.


I was originally gonna say it’s a circle, but it’s not.

But the Trump supporter circle is probably entirely inside the Christian circle… And if you made a circle inside Christians labeled “Christians who suck at being Christians”, the Trump supporters would all be inside that circle.


Not even if I squint. I’m OK with X as long as it only kills people, but I draw the line at butterflies is an absurd ethos.


Monarch? Sounds like those butterflies need to be taken down a peg!


It’s not a hypothetical worth discussing here, as not building walls is both pro-human and pro endangered species, and neither of us want the wall.

What I was trying to point out is your flippant use of ‘draw the line at butterflies (of all things, hahaha!)’ points to an attitude towards wildlife which is rampant and one of the reasons why we need a thread like this one. Happy to be wrong, not trying to accuse you of anything personally, etc. etc., the way you phrased it just motivated me to write.