We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


Flippant? That I think a person who is ok with killing people but expresses outrage over killing butterflies has some problems doesn’t mean I’m totally down with torching the butterflies. Why would you think that?


A rational argument could be made for the life of an endangered species being worth more than a human’s.


You’re being disingenuous here. Your use of language is exaggerating one side (building a wall does not equate with directly killing people) and minimising the other (these aren’t just any backyard butterflies, but the largest species that are highly endangered and create a natural wonder of the world when they all congregate in certain parts of Mexico).


I’d be interested in the math, if you get a chance. How many butterflies to humans? :)


Remember, we’re the good guys.


For the record, I’m not actually making that argument.

However, the argument would generally be based on some notion of preserving biological diversity, where the loss of a human would make little impact on the world given that humans are in no danger of going extinct, but the loss of a member of an endangered species could have a non trivial impact on the overall survival of that species.


Have you been in the Global Warming thread? :)


RichVR, you made me do this.

“Men are not potatoes.”

“Good, good, Mr. Rico! I think we have strained your tired brain enough for one day. Bring to class tomorrow a written proof, in symbolic logic, of your answer…”


Trump voters. I rest my case.


Do you make good money reading minds? Really, you’re barking up the wrong tree.


The people he’s talking about don’t believe in that or they think it will kill off people they don’t know or care about anyway.


This got lost, but thanks for linking. I knew about the perils of plastic but did not realize the problem with plastic recycling.

Public support for action on climate change rises dramatically (except of course Republicans.) Now how committed they are to meaningful action remains to be seen.


A 56 percent majority of the GOP says either that concern about climate change is unwarranted or that more research is necessary before taking action.

pfft as if Republicans believe any research.


Translation: We haven’t even begun to suck up every dime we can. Anyway we’ll be dead before it affects us. Let our kids deal with it.


In two days Australia lost one third of its spectacled flying fox population. With further climate change, I just can’t see how this species could survive given its sensitivity to temperatures above 42 degrees C (107.6 F for you imperialists).


“If 30 per cent of all koalas die in a forest, who will be there to see them and count the dead bodies?”



Mexican children
Die in a cage but careful
Save the butterflies



That’s a depressing haiku. Not the same thing at all.


This is more public health than climate change, but anything making life easier for coal plant operators affects both. The key change here seems to be this administration estimating pollution costs at a few million dollars, versus the Obama administration’s $80 billion.