We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


Seriously? OK here it is again:

Take public transportation
Walk and bike
Eat less meat
Replace an ICE with an EV
Install solar panels
Move to the city
Limit the number of babies you make
Move to a warmer climate
Kill cats

My argument is that people will do some of these things, supported by the fact that people are already doing some of these things. Nobody knows how much is enough.

My other argument is that if the government tries to coerce people into doing specific things in this list, it will fail. But since they haven’t really tried, it’s not really an argument so much as an opinion. Although the fact that they can just barely coerce people into vaccinating children makes me pretty confident.


This is a weird one to take, because they have been amazingly successful at coercing people to vaccinate children.

In any event, which of those suggestions to you do?


The ones that are easiest for me, obviously. Why do you ask?


Initially? To find out. Now? To make a point. I think you understand the point very well.


The point that if you want to be judgmental, first you need to know something about the person you want to judge? Yes, you make that point all the time. I’m not falling for it, Scott.

When I want to watch people get called out for a purity test, I visit the other forum.


I’d like to judge your prescription. But you don’t actually seem to have one, so never mind.


Dianne Feinstein made an absolute ass of herself today re: Green New Deal. Don’t hsve access to link atm but should be easy to find, was on CNN website.




She’s a million years old and grouchy. This is why she needed to retire.


Honestly one of my first thoughts was dementia setting in because it seems that arguing with children isn’t a wise move.

But to take a look at the policy side of it (in addition to the juicy gossipy side):

She also released a statement about a draft resolution dealing with climate, apparently something different from the GND. So, even if they got snapped at the kids are making at least some impact.

And who knows, she might be right and maybe her proposal, whatever it is, will end up being the best we can get for now.


It’s not like it matters. Humanity is screwed either way. But there’s still no call to dismiss teenagers like that…at least pretend to care, politician.


She seems to think she was ambushed and the kids are being used by some politicized adults to make her look bad.

She’s probably got good instincts here and is right to be suspicious.

I think maybe what she doesn’t seem to get is that the GND is aspirational and she’s only thinking in terms of practicality. In practice (and in the devilish details) the GND is a wild ride, and it’s going to go nowhere as long as Republicans have any share of government. She probably thinks it’s a big distraction from “real” governing.


She’s probably right about it going nowhere, but these are kids. She can encourage them. Even if she doesn’t like the Green New Deal she could encourage them to even write what they think is best, or send her a couple of the ideas they like best… engage them.


And of course, since old people are old and stupid and clueless by default, and because the twitter monster needs to be fed constantly, no one bothered to question this Feinstein video at all.

And now the “Holy fuck, really?”

Threaded full video starts here.

Feinstein (also not a fan) has bad moments and good moments. The kids give as good as they get. They talk and it’s actually kind of a good discussion.


I don’t know anything about edited videos or whose behind them. The one I saw was on Facebook and was around 10 minutes and claims to be the full interaction. In it, Feinstein occasionally pretends to be interested, but she’s mostly kind of testy and dismissive. The “you run for Senator and then you can do it your way” was an especially nice moment.

All of which is fine…she can be however she wants to be. The chances of her living out her current term are pretty small, so it’s doubtful she gives much of a shit what anyone thinks of her anyway.


I agree that would have been the best way to handle it.



This seems really bad.


Eh, I’m not sure it’s that bad. Not a good look, perhaps. Nor was her “I’m in charge” and “cheap seats” tweet. We all have crap days.


But feinstein is… A Democrat? Seems bad that she’s attacking established Democrats.