We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


I was curious so I started researching the major weather related disasters since Harvey. I started to feel dirty after a while, as if I was engaging in disaster porn but my intent was to pull together a list of unprecedented weather events over the last year and a half, just because they start to blur together as our collective memory of one event is erased by the next. This is since August 2017 in roughly chronological order:

Hurricane Harvey – 60" of rain. $125 billion in damage, costliest hurricane in US history

Sierra Leone floods and landslides – 1000 people killed.

India floods – Worst floods to hit South Asia in decades, 24 million people affected

Hurricane Irma – Most intense hurricane since Katrina. Barbuda virtually destroyed. Cuba, St Martin, Virgin Islands and Florida all saw significant damage and flooding

Hurricane Maria – Puerto Rico devastated. Close to 5,000 dead, $94 billion of damage

Northern California wildfires – $14.5 billion in damage, 44 dead, close to 100,00 evacuated. Worst fires in California history at the time.

Southern California wildfires – Including the Thomas fire. New most destructive fire in California history. $3.5 billion in damage, over 300,000 acres burned, over 230,00 evacuated

Montecito mudslides – 21 people killed. $200 million in damage

Maryland flooding – 9.7’ of rain in two hours. A “thousand year storm.”

Pakistan heat wave – Temperatures above 104 degrees for several days. 180 dead.

Wildfires in Greece – 126 dead. 6th most deadly wildfie event in recorded history

Japan flooding and landslides – Highest rainfall totals in Japan’s history. 225+ killed. Almost $10 billion in damage

India Floods – Worst floods in 100 years. 483+ dead. Over 1 million people evacuated.

North Korean flooding and landslides – 151 people dead

Nigerian floods – Over 200 people dead, massive cholera outbreak killing another 100+, nearly 600,00 homeless

British Columbian wildfires – Over 3.3 million acres burned (worst in Canadian history). Smoke from fires disrupted air travel and reached as far as Ireland.

Hurricane Florence – 43 dead. 36 inches of rain in North Carolina. Wettest hurricane in recorded history for the Carolinas, $24 billion in damage.

Hurricane Michael – 3rd most intense hurricane in US history based on pressure, fourth highest winds in US history. 72 deaths, $25 billion in damage.

2018 California wildfires – Deadliest wildfires in California history. 89 people killed in the Camp and Woolsey fires. 1.9 million acres burned. $3.5 billion in damage. Town of Paradise virtually destroyed.

Record high temperatures throughout 2018 included highest every temperatures recorded for Aremenia, Japan, Russia, Belfast, Montreal and on and on. Oman was over 109 degrees for over a day, the hottest low temperature in recorded history. Worst droughts on record for Germany and Hungry.

2019 Midwest flooding – Record flooding expected to last well into May. 200 million people affected. Damage already at $1.6 billion for Iowa, $1.4 billion for Nebraska. Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota and Illinois also likely in the billions already.

Cyclone Idai – Worst tropical cyclone on record for Southern Hemisphere. 600+ dead, 2.6 million affected, 90% of Beira, Mozambique’s second largest city, destroyed.

“Lesser” disasters (bad but not unprecedented):

Typhoon Marey – 142 dead, widespread flooding

Cyclone Mora – Over 200 dead, 40 million affected by flooding across South Asia



Excellent point.
And none of this seems to be sinking in:



Someone should tell him we aren’t in the Garden of Eden anymore…



How fucking stupid does he think…

Wait, republican voters. Yeah, they are. More people will magically solve climate change caused by excessive human industrial activity is certainly a novel take.



That’s my Senator! kazoo noises



Actually, having babies is one of the best ways to make the climate problem even worse.

(Hey, I had one myself. Just sayin’…)



Has a bigger carbon footprint than a four wheel drive. :D



It accelerates the end of the world, and then everyone who deserves it (all Republicans, natch) gets to be in Heaven.

It’s win-win!



Maybe he’s suggesting we behaved like salmon or something.

If we have a ton of kids, it won’t matter if a bunch of them die from climate change.



Also, we can eat our young when the food gets scarce!



See, it’s win win.



there is a chance, that the world will pull some shit together to fight climate change, because the US are already experiencing the disasters themselves. And as a world power the US could get things done on the world stage. Of course, 2020 Trump needs to be voted out of office. How likely is that?



Depends. A normal President would have the advantage of being an incumbent. If the economic numbers continue to be good, that would add significantly to that advantage. However, since trump is so divisive and only appeals to his core supporters, the calculus changes appreciably. The betting markets list him as a favorite, but primarily because he doesn’t have a defined opponent yet. Most elections boil down to each side turning out its base and how the tiny sliver of so-called independents break in a handful of key states. That said, hard as it is to believe, the election is still 18 months away so really, impossible to say at this point.



Certainly <= 35%.



Sorry about the dumbass framing (she doesn’t “destroy” anything, and you can ignore the hipster dude who pops up after a few minutes to tell you what you just saw) but this AOC clip is pretty impressive. She still sounds a bit young and college-y but she is exactly right on substance.

Not that it’ll make any difference to the GOP folks in the House, of course. Either Dems get more electoral wins or this will just be flavor text for Cockroach Herodotus to use.



Thank you for posting that, good sir. Hell yes.



Meanwhile, the Sixth Extinction continues apace. Of course, who cares about a bunch of frogs? Keep burning that beautiful, clean coal.





Some actual good news?

“Is it the silver bullet?” asked CEO Steve Oldham.

"I would never say to anybody that you want to put all your eggs in one basket - the future of the planet is very important for us all.

"But having the technology built, available, ready to go, with no harmful chemical side-effects, no land-usage, having those available - that’s a good thing.

“If or when we need them, and if you read the science that’s today - it’s available, it’s ready.”



“I think there’s a real danger that people will see this technology as a magic bullet and not cut back their carbon,” said Shakti Ramkumar, a student at the University of British Columbia (UBC), who is active in climate change protests.

This is a stupid argument.

If we actually find some way to efficiently capture carbon, then that totally could mean you don’t need to reduce your carbon footprint… Because that’s exactly what the carbon capture technology is doing.

You just need to get a net reduction. If you can achieve that purely through sequestration, then so be it.