We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster

I have just started reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s “The Ministry For The Future” near-future SF novel, which starts with about 20 million people in India killed by wet bulb deaths.

Right now in real life we’re only seeing dozens or hundreds of wet bulb deaths, but that’s still pretty awful.

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Deaths mount and water rationed as India faces record heat


I read that. I found it interesting for the scientific and political machinations the world undertakes to try to fight what’s happening. Let us know what you think when you’re done.

SF authors don’t get enough credit for the thought background they do for their world building. The context of the dystopia future of “Lathe of Heaven” is a world stressed by climate change, and that was published in 1971!

Seems bad.

The headline is cut off on my smartphone browser; it reads:

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are surging “faster than ever” to beyond anything humans ever experienced, officials say

Remember, odds are we were born somewhere in the middle of the bell curve.

I mean, we passed the “beyond anything humans ever experienced” decades ago.

I think they’re talking about acceleration, not total speed, at this year’s Mauna Loa Atmospheric Baseline Observatory’s readings.

Anyone up for a python steak?

If nothing else we can just go open season on them in Florida and help things out there as well.

I bet they say it tastes like chicken, right?

Gonna taste like chicken that fed on rats and other random critters.

Snake, at least the one time I’ve had it, does actually taste exactly like chicken. Way more than any other meat I’ve tried.

Birds and reptiles are pretty closely related, so it just makes sense imo.

Cladisticallly birds are reptiles. Aliigators and crocodiles are more closely to birds than they are to snakes and reptiles.

Read that as clandestinely, still kinda worked.

Us, the birds, the snakes, the crocs, the aardvarks - we’re all just tetrapods


I hope any south Floridian QT3ers have finished their arks. Just saw the radar map for today’s deluge.

Just don’t commit ThoughtCrime by calling it Climate Change! ;)

My ark is not finished, so perhaps my arc is!