We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster

Hey, we do that in the northeast too! In Boston once the weather goes above freezing people are running around in shorts.

Seriously. I used to love summer but here it is only halfway through July and I’m just so done with it. Getting older and putting on some weight clearly didn’t help, but the rising temperatures aren’t exactly helping either. And they’re definitely rising.

The fact that society has to rely more and more on air conditioning isn’t helping, either.

It actually gets quite cool and pleasant once the sun goes down, at least in the PNW. I open my windows overnight and the house is very cool in the morning. Then seal the windows and let the insulation do its work to keep that insides cool. Air con only goes on if it gets too warm, but at that point it’s afternoon/late afternoon.

But I’ll open my windows when it’s cool outside and I still hear the neighbors air con running, and I’m like, “You don’t need that right now.”

We are in day 12 of >90 degree weather here in southeast NH. That’s closing in on the number of >90 days for an entire summer. We only have a window AC unit in the bedroom. Fans have been going 24/7 in the rest of the house. We also work from home and the PC room gets a tad toasty. (I can tolerate heat far better than cold for some reason, but even for me this is pushing it.)

My window unit has a coil vibration every time the compressor kicks on, which is a new feature this summer. So holy shit am I noticing when it’s running.

I have to use headphones for basically anything.

As I have gotten older I have noticed how much more I dislike cold weather and hot weather. I used to golf in temps just above freezing and around 100. I just adjusted how I dressed. But for a couple years now that hasn’t mattered.

Can’t remember the last time I was too cold. Even down to, like, -20 I only wear a windbreaker outside (on top of other clothes, obviously). If I went to a really cold Bears game, I’d wear a t-shirt, hoodie, and a jersey. That’s it. I don’t get cold easily.

Hot on the other had - I try to stay inside once it hits about 80. I have lost about 50lbs in the last five years or so, and I can tolerate the heat better than I used to, but still - ugh.

I went and sat near the beach on a lawn chair the other day and it got down to like 68° as the sun was setting. I was shivering. I’ve lived in San Diego now for 15 years and my temperature tolerance is now a tight band from about 72 to 80.

One other thing, which I was unaware of when I was on an SSRI - they REALLY mess up your heat tolerance: