We are yet to ascertain the nature of this crime

I dont get it. You’re faulting the Victorian police for not jumping to conclusions and looking for evidence instead? You agree that the Victorian police is a racist organisation?

On a different note, to alot of people in Australia racism is nothing more than another form of humour. We are all from somewhere else, why cant you take alittle ribbing? Theres no malice behind it but its no surprise to see foreigners describe Australia as “violently racist”.

Maybe you don’t get it because you are trying to attribute an opinion to me when I haven’t expressed one (nor even implied it). I don’t think the Victorian police are racist, although they have been accused of this in the past. For example they have been accused of a propensity to shoot aboriginals. When I was last in Melbourne there was a controversy over an old aboriginal woman who was shot dead for attacking a bench with an axe. She was schizophrenic.

The only opinion I kinda expressed in my post was one of incredulity at the idea that there are no racist gangs in Melbourne who attack immigrants, which the furious denials of racism from the Victorian police seem to suggest. This is especially so when they claim that an Indian student is set alight “at random”. I don’t expect them to decide a crime is racially motivated without evidence, but maybe they could say something like “this crime has indications that it might have been racially motivated, and we’ll certainly investigate that”.

Im not trying to attribute an opinion to you, Im trying to work out your point. Theres no mention of racist gangs in your OP just some links plus your opinion on the country as a whole.

I’m trying hard to remember the last time I heard a news reference to a skinhead gang. It’d have to be 20 years at least. There may be gangs with racists in them, there’s certainly gangs based around specific races but I don’t think there’s any gangs built around racism. Well, not since the One Nation Party imploded.

My point is to post something that might be interesting :).

Sounds like a scene from Romper Stomper.

“They asked me for cigarettes. I said I had none, then they said, ‘Why the f— did you come here?’ then they were saying ‘Kiss my foot’ and started kicking me and punching me,” he said.

Preach it. KFC is an abomination in comparison.

No it really doesn’t. A bunch of teenagers attacking someone alone on a train late at night is completely different from a group of skinheads planning to murder asians because they bought the local pub.

How about you stop trying to spin this whole issue and say something worth discussing. If you cant come up with anything feel free to post questions.

You obviously haven’t watched Romper Stomper. It’s not all about that pub at all, that’s just a memorable scene. The opening scene is where they randomly attack some asians they encounter at Footscray railway station. Russell Crowe says the line “I want you to listen to me. This is not your country.”

The part that troubles me is lighting someone on fire. You want to rob someone, great, beat them over the head and take their loot, but lighting someone on fire is wildly malicious and obviously premeditated to a certain extent. They may not have known who was going to get it, but they knew what they were going to do to them. I can’t even grasp the brand of hatred that drives this sort of violence. I imagine targeting a person of color allowed them to dehumanize their victim to a certain extent.

There’s not enough threads to use this link in.

Just to be pedantic, was Richmond station.

They filmed it at Richmond station, but in the movie it is shown as Footscray. Which makes sense, as the gang was from Footscray and that suburb is well known for its large Vietnamese population.

So turns out the guy set himself on fire by accident in attempt to insurance fraud his car.

Definitely a racist attack.

Fucking brilliant.


I guess the Victorian Police aren’t racist bigots after all?..

Well, that deserved international media attention and condemnation.

People see what they want to see. Sometimes, crime is just that, crime.

“Islam is the light”
“Watch out for those black whores”

Melbourne is just a goddamn crazy violent place.