We got to sing songs with our friend Dave

Dave Grohl, that is. Foo Fighters did a fantastic gig in Hyde Park last night, supported by Queens of the Stone Age, Motorhead, and some random other bands I didn’t care much about.

QOTSA were as good as I expected, and they knew which songs their crowd wanted to hear. Motorhead were excellent, though Lemmy kept us waiting till the end for Ace of Spades.

Foo Fighters themselves put on a fantastic performance. Highlight of the evening for me was the second encore, with a version of Everlong with just Dave and his guitar, before kicking in with the entire band right at the end. Brilliant, moving song.

85,000 people turned up and we all had a fun time. The end.

Did QOTSA do Song for the Dead? Fuck, that rules live.

I think so - my friends had turned up late so we missed the first 3-4 songs of their set. They definitely played A Song For The Deaf, Go With The Flow, & No One Knows.

Lead singer looked very, very orange. God only knows what he was trying to do with his tan.