We Happy Few developed by Compulsion Games



Is anybody going to buy this? I was hoping someone would play it and let me know if it’s any good.


Tom is streaming it on Friday and I bought it last year, I’ll give it a few hours this weekend.


I am kind of regretting not buying it when it used to be so cheap in the Xbox Preview program.

On the other hand, it wasn’t a very good game back then.


waiting expectantly for reviews


Sounds promising to me:

“Stealth is a more effective tactic than violence, though it can be hit or miss”
“Looting and crafting are more important than fighting and sneaking.”
“What’s most impressive about We Happy Few is how carefully its world has been created.”
“The words that come out of this game are better than anything I can recall in even the best narrative adventures.”


Reddit is collecting them all!



Awwwww. :( Tom’s sounds like he played the game that I played when it first came out on Xbox Preview.


Installing now…


Tom mentioned on the live stream tonight, he UNINSTALLED this.


How bad is it ?


Worse than Stellaris apparently.


Guess I won’t find out until the 8.74gb day-one patch downloads. Hate that stuff.


“It’s mostly bad.”

              -Patrick Klepek 


That Polygon review sure looks like an outiler now.


From the Polygon review:

Daily Radar review of Majora’s Mask:




So instead of playing WHF I should play Majora’s Mask. Got it.


Can’t wait to read Tom’s review!


Heh…I had to figure out who wrote the Daily Radar review because I thought maybe it was the same guy! It’s not though… Greg Orlando wrote that one while Colin Campbell wrote this new age version of it.


Tom did you play the game with the day 1 patch? Apparently it changed a ton of stuff.

Techraptor gave it a 6.5 before the patch.