We have never talked about Beer


Heh, I don’t think I called it out in my initial post, and the image got flipped for some reason and obscures the 22oz mark on the bottom.


I see the Lagunitas Imperial at the store all the time, but I’ve never tried it. I’ll pick it up the next time I’m there – it sounds right up my alley. My go-to 22oz is the Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis, which is about four bucks as well, and I absolutely love it. Almost no bitterness at all, just smooth and sweet.

Two years ago, Lagunitas had a winter seasonal barleywine called Gnarlywine. At four bucks, it was the best taste-per-dollar barleywine I had ever had. They never made another batch, unfortunately :(


I like a red, most of the time, but I have (I blame my IPA addiction) developed a dislike for most browns. And I like a good porter.


You and I think alike, Scuzz. Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale has you covered.


For unknown reason (maybe because they are in cans) we are now getting many more styles of Dogfish Head Beer. The 60 Minute IPA is being sold in a 12 can pack for $18, which is a great deal over the bottles.


That’s a pretty good price. For 12 packs here I’m fond of Bell’s Two Hearted, which is a steal around here at $19.

My problem with those is I just don’t drink them fast enough. That’s probably a good thing.


Yeah. We’ve got a couple of good stores that sell singles here. Usually 25-30 cents more per bottle than they sell the 4- or 6-packs, but I only drink a beer or two per week and I prefer to not have the same beer twice in a row. I did buy a pack of the Azacca because it was about to disappear until next year. They’re still in the basement - I should get to work on that :)

Of the Dogfish Head IPAs, I vastly prefer 90-minute. In fact, it has been my favorite beer overall for a good while. The 60-minute is too much of just bitter hops. The 90 has more hops and substantially higher IBU, but is really well balanced to my particular tastebuds.


I just finished working a seasonal job that was from 3-11:30pm. My beer drinking went way down. I am going to try and keep the volume down, not necessarily because I was drinking to much but I have been losing weight and reducing the beer intake should help.


I would agree the 90 is much better, but buying a 4 pack for $12+ is just too much.


Have either of you had 75-minute? It’s a nice mix between the two. Let’s face it, they have the blandest named IPAs out there. :)


Right now I’m sort of cruising along with a few types, for as long as I can get them, as the stores that carry them (there’s like two in town) don’t always have them are the Evil Twin Even More Jesus and Imperial Biscotti Break. Very good, comes in pint cans, great examples of Imperial Stout, plain or with a great Amoretto-like flavor background for the Biscotti. If I had the money I’d probably get more Alesmith Speedway Stout, but that’s over eight bucks a 16oz can (the Evil Twin is like $14/4 cans). I only drink one, but still, that’s pricey.

There are a lot of really interesting Imperial Stouts and Porters in big bottles that I just don’t get because usually I don’t want to drink that much at one sitting. I will occasionally, but then I pretty much just fall asleep.


What! 12 Two Hearted’s for about $1.50 each?!? For a similar size individual can of a similar quality beer in the UK, it’s often $6. Economies of scale I guess :(


It’s only on their cans, currently. I’m not sure if they are just pushing the cans through distribution and so the price is lower, or whatever, but I’ll take that price for sure.


I bet :)


And beer duty and VAT.


It’s our way of getting even with you Brits for the dark ages - when you could walk into any old pub and drink wonderful ale and we could get PBR.


It is strange to see some breweries pushing the sale of canned beer. At home I pour all my beer into a glass to drink it, but out I would still prefer a bottle over a can.


I go back and forth on that, Scuzz. I don’t have a good side by side study for comparison, but my thoughts are that with a tighter seal on a can, and no effect of light on a canned beer, they -should- keep fresh longer than bottled beer.

But I have no data to prove that. I do love bottled beer though. It reminds me of the same love I have of actual glass bottled soft drinks versus those in plastic bottles. I think the former tastes better, but is it all in my head?


That is what they say now, that canned beer is fresher. But the industry spent years telling us bottled beer was better. I suppose in 5 years a pretty good percentage of craft beer may be in cans and that I will change my mind.

They say the same thing about wine in boxes but I haven’t made that change either. :)


It’s already a pretty good percentage. Beavertown is exclusively in cans (unless it’s on tap), and a good chunk of the stuff I get via Beer52 from other breweries (especially in the UK) is in cans. Brewdog sell their beers in cans as well as bottles. Moor is mostly cans.