We have never talked about Beer


I never find anything interesting in the bottom of my beer!

Awesome Dave Barry caption for this article: “The I in IPA stands for iguana”


Oh course it was in New Zealand. Also, what the fuck is with people that go from, “holy shit there is something in my beer,” to, “fix this or I’ll be on all the media!!”


With all the weird ass variations of beer you see now–sriracha, kale, oyster, lobster (yes, saw that the other day)–can we be sure the lizard wasn’t supposed to be in the beer?


I’ve had beet, bacon and peanut butter and jelly to add to that list, @TheWombat.

Crawling Kiwi Pale Ale?


I’ve had Tailgate’s peanut butter milk stout. It was surprisingly good.


Terrapin makes a lot of porters and stouts with crazy flavor combinations:

Liquid Lunch Porter = peanut butter and jelly
Liquid Bliss Porter = peanut butter and chocolate
Moo Hoo = Chocolate milk stout
Cinnamon Roll’d Wake and Bake = coffee, “cinnamon roll” stout
Wake and Bake = coffee and oatmeal stout
Chubby Bunny = graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, dark chocolate milk stout


Know what? I’d drink that.


Some of the weird flavors are great, some, well, not so much. Founders, a brewery I like, has this stout with blueberries called Lizard of Koz. It’s…awful. Costco had it cheaper than the local beer store but at any price, ugh.


I can’t stand peanut butter flavor in anything, except it turns out in milk stouts. Belching Beaver’s Peanut Butter Milk stout is actually really good.

I keep trying toasted marshmallow stouts but none of them have been any good. Will have to keep an eye out for Chubby Bunny.


Fruit and beer should not be mixed in my opinion.Lactose and coffee is acceptable.


I like a good fruit lambic.


I missed the release on it. I’ve had many of their others. But they make some great tasting stuff. White Chocolate Moo Hoo and the Cinnamon Roll one were both good, if even just for one beer.

From what I understand, similar to the Lagunitas crew, the original people are Terrapin were uh … 420 friendly. So you combine that with someone coming up with new beer flavors and you get the results seen, a blurry mix of beer and food tastes.


Southern Tier makes the only good chocolate stout I’ve ever had. They also make a creme brulee stout that is wonderful. I’m kind of a sucker for the “dessert plus beer” combo, though, in any form.

I’m okay with fruit, but it’s hard to find one that feels like it’s a good fit for the beer. Some of the citrusy IPAs are good in the summer.


Man, that leaves out a TON of great sour beers. I never thought I would ever warm up to sour beers, but it was the combination of fruit in some of them that threw me over the edge.


The crime brûlée is really, really sweet. Not for everyone. It was on draft at a local bar once. I asked for it since southern tier is always interesting. The bartender offered a sip first to see if I like it…and I couldn’t finish it.

Love their pumking, but I could see someone else have a similar reaction.


The Creme Brulee stout was alright, but as noted, really sweet. Evil TwinWestbrook’s Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break is amazing for a mixed flavor stout, too.


My favorites of the flavored (and barrelled) stouts are Cigar City’s Hunahpu Stout and Westbrook’s Mexican Cake.

Essentially similar beer flavor profiles from different breweries, but they include:
cocoa nibs
vanilla beans
hot chilies


My wife and daughter love to buy a bomber of something and share it on a Saturday. They have had that and liked it. They have also had someone’s “S’more Stout” and really liked it.


I had a really good Mango IPA from Barrellhouse Brewing the other day, while sitting outside staring at the Pacific Ocean. It was the perfect beer for that.


this is a massive banger. also cigar city’s vanilla hazelnut zhukov. basically i’ll drink any big stout that has had bad things done to it. 5 of us shared cloudwater’s chocolate orange stout this evening and it was a glorious thing.