We have never talked about Beer


The image is of the foam before the boil started. It was pretty heavy, but dispersed quickly.

The sparge went okay, the mash did not get stuck. I think the low OG might be because the temperature was off.


Yeah a low OG seems strange. I would have guessed high due to sugars from the coconut? I’ve stuck a sparge a few times, twice making pumpkin ale for similar reasons to this. I’ve not brewed with coconut though.

Also for @Scuzz, I wish I could have had a sample of my buddies toasted coconut oatmeal stout for you to try. It was amazing.


I can’t stand coconut, but love coconut stouts and porters. It can work so well. Can certify that this is a true banger:



Adding a few more in case you guys see them your way. These are ranked by me from the strongest to the weakest coconut flavor I’ve had. The first one is awesome in a Mounds Bar kind of way.

Catawba Valley King Coconut Porter:

Ballast Point Coconut Victory at Sea Imperial Porter:

Noda brewing Coco Loco Porter:


While I have seen coconut stouts and porters I don’t think I have ever had one. Next time I see one I will try it. Promise. :)


So I cracked open the Lagunitas Gnarleywine. It was tasty, and I am tipsy right now.

Ok, I followed it up with some whiskey on the rocks, but still. It was tasty, with just a hint of sweetness with the bitterness of the hops.

Maybe the whiskey afterwards was a bad choice. Good thing I play games like EU IV, because if I tried to play something without pause anytime I would be in trouble.

Should this go in the ‘I’m drunk’ thread? I’m thinking that’s a solid maybe…

Star Citizen - Chris Roberts, lots of spaceship porn, lots of promises


Crisp and bright. Plenty of cloves, but not too much. Barely a hint of hops.

Awesome mouth feel.

Best beer.


A banger, though I would give the nod to Schneider Weisse Original if I had to choose between the two.


I will give this a go. Let me see if I can track some down locally. I am always down t try a new beer.


Guys I need your help on types of beer to try. I feel like there is a big gap in my beer education and I would like to try types of beer that I would like but had no idea existed. I’m a big fan of malty beers, stouts and porters. Imperial Stout is nice but after one I am ready for bed.

I specifically don’t like fruity or hoppy beers. I tried a sour recently and it was not my thing.

I used to drink Caffreys and Kilkenny back in the UK and was fond of bitters.

Can you guys suggest some other beers types that you think I might enjoy? I had some brown ales recently but they were just OK.


Maybe a rauchbier, if you like malty stuff. I would recommend a Schlenkerla Maerzen, if you can find it


Thanks, I’ll try that.


It sounds like you don’t mind bittering hops, but you aren’t big on American flavor forward hops. That leaves a ton of beers still.

For American beers, you have most styles open with the exception of sours, pale ales and IPAs. For British style ales you might still have a pale ale as a maybe.

But if you’re a malt lover, you @Ginger_Yellow 's recommendation is spot on, play with the malts in what you’re drinking to experience more.

If you can’t find a direct rauchbier, you can also look up American variants like smoked porters or smoked ambers. You can also dip into any number of German beer styles, as the traditional brewers don’t change hops up like brewers in America. To that end, you’ll find a LOT more malt flavors going on. This is also somewhat true with Belgian beers, though they go with different yeasts and it’s fun to try similar beer malt bills with completely different yeast styles.

Some specifics to try if you haven’t:

  • New Belgium Fat Tire - yes, I know it’s everywhere. Have you tasted one lately? With a highlight of Victory and Munich malts, it takes the flavor of an amber beer and really shines with it.
  • Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock - Like a roller coaster of dark tasty malts. It is amazing.
  • Founders Backwood or Dirty Bastard / Oscar Blues Old Chub - Scotch ales are like the desert beer of maltiness. Bursting with malt flavor, usually a bit sweeter, and a slow sipping experience.
  • Brouwerij Van Steenberge Gulden Draak - This too is a sipper, it is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. Like a fig newton party in your mouth but one with caramel, raisins, plums and any number of flavors that swirl throughout. It’s magic, because it’s all just malts and yeast working that experience. (Alternates: Chimay Blue, Rochefort 8, Unibroue.)
  • Belgian Quadruppels - Too many to list, but look for Rochefort 10, La Trappe, Three Philosophers.
  • English Style Brown Ales - Cigar City Maduro, AleSmith Nut Brown Ale, Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale - These can vary from a more toned down and watery malty beer to a thicker and more full bodied dark beer with a (usually) lower alcohol percentage than the stuff above.
  • Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock - Though this is a heavy alcohol Eisbock, it’s so unique in flavor I would highly recommend you try it.


A schwarzbier. Which is a German black beer. Almost no hop flavor, lots of body and flavor though. They became my favorite after visiting Germany.


Thank you everyone for their suggestions. Fat tire I have certainly tried and liked. I’ve tried a few of the brown ales but was not a great fan.

I’ll report back once I’ve tasted some of the others.


Chappers, I’m not sure where you live, but around here we have a chain called Total Wine, who, surprisingly, has a pretty nice selection of beers and usually a dedicated row of nothing but singles you can buy, making tasting some of these really easy.


Exactly, there is a total wine about 5 miles from me. I have already checked out their website and they have many of the beers mentioned above. Thanks again.


On the smoked porter front, I really like Beavertown’s Smog Rocket, which may be easier to find than a true Bamberger rauchbier, especially if you happen to be back in the UK. Mikkeler also have a decent range of smoked beers, which may be easier to find in the US.


Does that still come with the little plastic goat?


Maibocks are also on the malty end. Rouge Dead Guy Ale is widely available and really good.