We have never talked about Beer


It did last I tried it, with a little red string around the bottle.


So I managed to find a decent liquor store at lunchtime that sold singles. Here is my haul:

I’ll let you know my thoughts once I get through them all.


Really interested to hear your thoughts on Spencer and Trapp Dunkel, I haven’t had either.

The rest are all winners though, especially breakfast stout. Mmmmmm.


So, later tonight, then?


I wish


Look, you’ll never finish the race without some positive thinking.

Or as a drunk homeless guy once told me on the train to Penn Station, “you can’t be a smart cookie with a crumbly attitude.”

We have faith you can do it, Chappers. We’ll meet you over in the I’m Drunk thread.


You might meet me in the “my wife just divorced me” thread if I’m not careful. If any of you are in South Western Connecticut you are welcome to help me get through them.


Man. It’s only a six-pack. Float a beer every half-hour or so after work. You’ll be fine. And it’s not like you’re hammering these:


ABV: 14.0%


@scharmers you are obviously more of a stud than me. The days of drinking six beers in the evening are over for me, highly alcoholic beer usually ends up with me falling asleep after a bottle.

Anyway, I’m about halfway through the Dead Guy Ale Rogue, it is excellent. Just the right amount of toasty malts with a very light hoppy undertaste. It’s a little bit like an old speckled hen mixed with a blue point toasted lager. This is very pleasurable to drink on a warm day like today. Could be my new summer drink. Thanks all for the recommendations.


What’s interesting is that the Rogue is the most “common” beer in your list. It’s all over the place up here. Neat brewery in Newport, too.


The Trapp stuff is from just down the road, in Stowe. I’ve only had a few of them, not the Dunkel though, and wasn’t terribly impressed. But then, we’re kind of spoiled for craft beer here.


Chapters, for what it’s worth, I’m joking about the binge drinking. Being completely serious right now, if you can keep one and done, THAT is the way to be. Just dont go to too many beer festivals, you can go overboard on tasters, really quick.


Yeah, pretty much the only beer I drink these days is the Thursday beer lunch we have at work. There’s some serious beer enthusiasts in the office who know their stuff, and they’ve turned me on to some esoteric brews.


This link is for @scharmers.


If it’s not the bitterness, it’s the grassiness in IPAs, which many of the neo-IPAs still have. I guess I’m just more of a malt/wit guy.


I really don’t know what that means though, are you saying you find hops to have a grassy flavor? I haven’t heard it described that way before.


English hops can be prone to that.


New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is the first beer I’ve come across that I would describe as grassy.


The grassiness can also be explained as “greenness”, I guess. Overhopped beers have that alum-type bitter effect, but beyond that you can taste the hops – the grassiness – as well. I’m not fond of either.

Last week somebody brought into the office as part of the rotating-beer day a case of Costco beers. The pilsners and lagers were quickly downed, but there’s still a ton of IPAs left in the beer fridge, which happily describes the tastes here at work :)


Jesus Christ. I’d rather drink water than pilsner - I mean they taste more or less the same but one is free.