We have not yet discussed "Sita Sings the Blues"

I obtained this through Netflix, before I discovered that it can be watched in its entirety, and even downloaded in 1080p HD, for free. (You can, of course, pay for it in various ways, too!)


Ebert dug it, if that means anything.

So… anyone else seen it? I’m really enjoying it so far, watching it with my son (5) and S.O.

That looks horrifying. If I was a child I would have nightmares.

It’s actually very funny in parts and the monsters and fighting are pretty cartoony. The three shadow puppet commentators are the best, as they keep editing what’s going on to fit their somewhat contradictory memories.

My only issue with it is that it takes a sacred Hindu text and turns it into a way for a white lady to work out her crappy relationship issues.

Sita gots them big ole tit-tays

Sita Sings The Blues is completely brilliant and I recommend it to everyone. Lots of really religious people are offended by it. This is a sign that it’s pretty fucking great.

Edit: is anyone able to get the 1080p version playing on their Xbox 360? I’m having trouble even though in theory it’s within the supported range for h.264 (unless I’m misreading)

Edit Edit: responding to myself, the issue may be that the 1080p version is over 4 Gb, which seems to be a hard limit for the 360.

I need to watch it.

Nina ran in the same social circles that I did for a number of years. It’s nice to see that she made good.

She’s incredibly talented, but her cute style belies the fact that she’s also a true artist.

Nina actually had nationally syndicated strip for a while, but she basically quit it because it was driving her insane.

The 4GB is a hard limit but only if you try to stream it or play it from a FAT32-formatted USB drive (4GB being the largest file you can have on a FAT32 partition). I’ve read that the 360 can play >4GB files if they’re stored on a HFS-formatted drive* but I’ve never gotten that working, possibly because my external HDD is HFS+ and/or has two partitions.

*they support HFS for compatibility with iPod but they don’t support Microsoft’s flagship filesystem, NTFS which is retarded.

As an atheist, I honestly can’t even fucking believe supposedly intelligent and introspective people say stuff like this.

Also, Sita Sings The Blues is pretty pedestrian.

not bad. i disliked the songs at first but they fit in better and better as the movie went on.

i also liked the shadow puppets best and the way they discuss the plotholes and odd character motivations of sita and ramah. the “ramah, we sing his praise, he set his wife ablaze” lyrics were awesome.

the way too long visuals where they just have dancing were trying my patience though. went at 1.5x speed through those.