We lost a great game developer this week

My friend and two-time co-worker, Don Barnes, passed away Wednesday night. Those of us who knew him knew he was a guy who understood right and wrong, and wasn’t one to stand by idly when there was a chance he could help someone. In this case, it cost him his life.

If you ask anyone who worked with him, they’d most likely describe Don as a rock, a guy who you could just depend on to consistently turn out excellent work on time. This carried over to his personal life, where it was clear to me, at least, that he was the rock in his family. He leaves two children, a 17-year-old daughter about to start college, and an 8-year-old son. His current employer, Broodworks, is looking into setting up some sort of college fund for the kids.

I don’t know what the rules are here regarding solicitation and honestly I don’t have any information regarding donating yet, but if you loved Madden, or Transformers 2 (I know, I know), or Black Ops, you at least in part loved Don’s work. When I have more info, provided this thread isn’t in violation of board rules, I’ll post it here for anyone who would like to donate.


Wow. My condolences to his family and friends.

That’s so very sad to hear. Please let us know more if you get a thumbs up on the fund donation.

It’s such small things like this that remind you that something bad could happen at any time.

Sad news.

So sorry to hear about this.

Sorry to hear about this, really sad :(

Blerg, I’m sorry to hear about this. My condolences to his family and friends.

That’s absolutely horrible.

Sorry to hear this news. Best wishes to his family.


That’s a horrible story. I can’t imagine what it must be like for his family.

He sounds like he was a good guy, and clearly didn’t deserve this end. You’ve got to admire the courage of his conviction, though.

Condolence to the Don’s family and friends. This World lost a great guy and will be poorer for it.


My condolences to his family and friends. Seems like a nice, chivalrous guy.

Also, as if this homicide wasn’t enough, some of the comments posted below that article further make me lose faith in humanity. Yeah, “suck it up…it’s the Internets,” but still.

My thoughts go to his family and loved ones.

Very sorry to hear this. Such a terrible loss. All the best to his family and friends.

Really impressed with his 17 year old daughter and how she handled the media statements. He raised her well to handle such a tragedy. Very sad story though.

So sorry to hear, my condolences.

My condolences. Not many people will do what your friend did, that takes a pretty special person.

I extend my sincere sympathy to his family and friends.

That’s what I was thinking. Must have been a heck of a dad.

Man, that’s really sad. May he rest in peace.