We’re losing a whole generation of young men to video games

This is a very important subject imho

I’m a few years older than Tom and I thank God I never grew up with the internet and computer gaming

We had to actually go outside, meet strangers at the park and form pick up football/basketball games and learn to communicate with real people ‘back in the day’…thats how we learned the art of conversation…and yes, how to meet girls and all that ‘stuff’

I’m glad this subject is geting exposure…I feel most of us on the forum are ‘older’ gamers but we all know people who fit into this category…I worked with a 30 something guy who was addicted to world of warcraft…I remember doing lunch with him and he was depressed…I told him he needed a girlfriend and he agreed…years later I found out he still playing wow and was bouncing between jobs

Those of us who had the foundation of living in a world devoid of 300 cable channels and internet porn, can see alot of things the young people will never see…they don’t know what a world is like without that stuff…we do

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I honestly can’t tell if you’re joking or not…

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Don’t they know that we were losing a whole generation to Rock ‘n’ Roll ???

I wish my life was so easy and complete I could start looking into and worrying about others’.

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