Weather in Erie/Buffalo?

I’m headed that direction on 90 east and I should be through there sometime on Thursday. I am debating detouring south and taking 80 East across instead because of the weather though. Just wondering if we have a man in the field out there who could give me some good first hand advice. 80 east is about 3 hours longer a drive, but if Buffalo is a winter warzone it would probably be worth it.

6-10 inches of snow accumulation are expected in the Erie area through Thursday with highs in the mid-20s. Looking at the spot forecasts, it looks like the I-80 corridor is due to be a bit colder, but chances of snow are actually much less and restricted to the morning. Currently the traffic on I-90 in the Erie area is pretty iffy. I wonder if this is more due to construction than anything; when I was there last year there was corridors of construction both east and west of the exits to Erie.

— Alan

Yeah, I’m gonna hit 80, aftet Montana I am sick of dealing with snow.

Yeah, I think it’s a good call. Checking the forecast again, looks like no precip is anticipated along that part of the I-80 corridor, while it’s going to be lake effect snow all along Lake Erie. Temps actually look about the same, give or take. Might be windy.

— Alan