Web-based refrigerator magnets


I saw a valiant attempt to spell out “Quarter To Three” while my co-worker gleefully removed the letters. I ate his brains, so you’re safe now, anonymous qt3er.

Yes, I won! Thanks for the, uh, brain eating.

Someone on there now is griefing by moving anything that other people try to make. It’s a microcosm of all that sucks about the Internet.

yeha. someones moving everything to the upper right corner. fhag

Didn’t get a screenshot, but I just tagteamed with someone else here to spell it out again :)

that was me.

then, someone spelled out my name. it wasn’t me, i swear. freaky.

That was me (again) – saw your post here a few minutes ago, figured it might wig you out a little if you were still there :twisted:

I helped with that name also, when someone tried taking it apart.

Oh yeah, that tends to happen most of the time when there’s more than about…one person using it. It took me about 5 minutes get Quarter To Three spelled out. When I began, there were lots of people trying to spell things, with at least one or two people just dragging things to the bottom right corner. I gave up trying to spell as well and started a revolution, dragging things to the top left. Soon it caught on and everyone was caught up trying to work towards one of the two corners. It had the intended effect; We got every letter into one of the two corners, and then naturally everyone was bored of the idea. We could get back to trying to spell things out. People were still stealing letters of course, but it was for something other than stacking in the corner, making it much easier to steal them back long enough for a screen shot.

I just griefed Bill in the worst possible manner…he had his name almost completely spelled out… :P

More than almost:

Someone was making an attempt at Koontz as well.

They’re like chocolate and peanut butter; I had to make a go at it.

They’re like chocolate and peanut butter; I had to make a go at it.[/quote]

I too made an attempt at Koontz…and also “Most respected thinker by far”, but that got nowhere.

They’re like chocolate and peanut butter; I had to make a go at it.[/quote]
I think I was helping but you gave up.

Mission Koontz is a success

Anyone get a screenshot with the bonus word next to it? (wasn’t me that did that part!)

nope, too busy laughing.

LOL. There must have been 3 or 4 of us making “Brian Koontz is a fool”.

Managed to Spell “Tubcat” and then helped someone from here spell “Quarter to Three” on the righthand side.