Web-based refrigerator magnets

Someone help me spell “Fuck Star Wars”.

Yeah. It takes some cooperation. I just tried to keep two letters in line. Though hell, I just help anyone with whatever it is they’re doing. The universe needs order!

Keep your damn… keep your damn what?

Done! Now with added Chet!

EDIT: Awww, while I was busy posting this, I just missed a screenshot of “I hate spoofy chop”

Well I’m hooked. Anyone wanna start a clan? Lower-right pwnz j00.

“Brian Koontz is greatest thinker by far” and “Come on fhqugads” were both complete simultaneously. I think we’ve reached the zenith.

Awesomeness. “come on fhqwhgads” was all me, I couldn’t belive I got it without much resistance

And I was trying to wait until we could get a “the” inbetwee is and greatest, but we never quite made it, so I don’t have the simultaneous screenshot with fhqwhgads, but here we go.

Ok, I’m done, take your own screenshots. As of now, we seem to be having some segregation by color going on. Racism!

“Hroses Blog sucks” is the latest collaboration…

And also “Which EB”.

The guy who just wrote “HRose’s Blog Sucks” gets a medal.

I saw “Hrose”, so I added “blog” after it. I don’t know who completed it with “sucks”, but that was a stroke of genius.

Damn, somone spelled “SHIT BONERZ.” I thought I got a screenshot, but hit the wrong button.

Gotta give honorable mention to “Suck it Trebek”. Was that one of us?

Also “More cowbell”.

I couldn’t help but notice how long it stayed there unmolested after I spelled it out, also – griefers seemed inclined to leave it alone, oddly enough.

Heh. This IS addictive, especially once people start cooperating.

(Wasn’t me, though)

(This was me)

I was helping with Killdozer, but too many griefers overwhelmed us.

And I was finally able to get “Derek Smart” with some assistance.

I kept trying to put “Taco Supreme” next to it, but failed.

I kept trying to put “Taco Supreme” next to it, but failed.[/quote]

Oh oops, I was griefing your attempt at Taco because I thought you were griefing the Derek Smart project :D

“Dr Derek Smart PHD” LOL!