Web/email host with good and configurable spam filtering

Does anyone have any recommendations for a web and email host with excellent spam filtering? My workplace has a policy of not allowing checking of personal email from work, even through webmail, for fear of viruses. So, I’d like to forward personal mail through a personal email address, and relay it to my work address. However, I get a shitpile of spam, so is there a host that will give me the ability to filter the spam, and then forward the message to another address?


pobox.com. Not free, but cheap. Been using 'em for nearly a decade m’self.

Why not just use gmail? They’re supposed to have pretty good spam filtering and will forward email based upon rules.

Can you VNC or remote desktop back to your home computer? I’d do that instead.

Nah, that’s also not allowed.

I use www.fastmail.fm - they have a good spam filter, but some of the trickier stuff will get through now and then, nothing is perfect. I use the $20 a year plan and it’s all I need. They have a fantastic IMAP system, if you are into that, or you can just use the web interface.

Edit - they also allow secure sessions via webmail also.

If I were you, I’d just plop a linux partition onto your computer (if you’re not experienced with linux, there are a number of very user-friendly distro’s out there today such as Ubuntu) and select “email server” as a feature to install. Configuring it is usually pretty easy, and I bet in Ubuntu there’s probably a graphical configuration. Then you can set mail forwarding in your mail email address and forward it to [email protected]gy and have THAT filter for spam and send it to your account. I know, it sounds like a lot of effort, but it’s pretty easy. OR you could just set up mail forwarding to username@ip and access your home computer via ssh using a text-based email program (there are some pretty good ones). Is ssh allowed?

I use Dreamhost, and their email Spam filter is quite aggressive. Believe it or not, I get practically zero Spam (though I think much of that can be attributed to my .org personal domain). Pricing is excellent, too. If you’re interested, let me know… I think I can find a crazy promo code for you somewhere.

Well, here’s the thing – it’s actually not me, it’s a coworker. I lied. :) I’ve got a good ISP, and don’t want to do what he wants to do anyway. He’s going to try gmail.

And as for Linux… yeah, I’ve done a few things…

As for whats allowed? Oh, nothing. Corporate IT policy (set in a different state) appears to be set by people with a clue, meaning that they know all the acronyms to ban. That said, they don’t impose internet content filters, because they’re not evil. They’re just really, really protective of the network.