Web host review sites?

Are any of the web host review sites reliable? I always wonder how corrupted they are by paid listings or shill ratings or whatever.

I don’t know of any legit ones.

http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ seems to have a bias.

They’re all lies. The only non-lies ones would be on personal blogs, and then there are sitll the following problems:

  • Most personal blogs are written by idiots
  • Most personal bloggers only try a small number of hosts and don’t get a good range of experience.
  • Most personal bloggers link to their current host with a referral tag, so they get money if you sign up.

Jerri, I’ve been using Powweb forever and I really like them. Fast, excellent tech support (all in English), and they’re rates are nice as well. They should be able to handle all the domain transfer stuff. http://www.powweb.com/

You mentioned you used godaddy I think in another thread? I wouldn’t use them just because of their advertising campaign. and I don’t get any money or whatever for referral.

Thanks, j. The possibility of leaving Hostmonster (aka Bluehost) bums me out, because they have all the features I need, and it’s a HUGE pain in the ass to move all the content management stuff I have. It took me a full day earlier this week to move two sites to the new HM account and get everything working again.

But if they insist on continuing to hack away at an SSL cert installation they can’t figure out, instead of just putting me on a new server, I’ll have no choice. (And yes, I realize that a server move is going to be just as painful as what I already went through earlier this week.)

You are better off with anecdotal reviews from people you trust than to rely on web sites you do not frequent.

Webhostingtalk forums are the place to look for this sort of thing.