Web page appearance/colors changes

Ok, I’ve never really noticed this before but I am sure there is a perfectly logical explanation for it. When I go to www.caltrops.com, the background color is a very rich color of red, but when I look at it from my LCD screen here at work, it is a sort of washed out purple looking color. I suppose the monitor settings are just different on the two machines, but how do you know what color people are going to see when you design/develop a web site

washed out purple is correct. The computer showing it as bright red has video settings that need adjustment, or monitor display properties that need adjustment. Or the PC needs to be buried at midnight in an unmarked grave.

It’s purple on both an LCD and CRT here in my office.

Is the machine where it shows up as red running in 256 colors or something?

Yup on the purple ish.

Crap, I like the red color and wanted to use it. I guess I can just add a little note that says best viewed on the monitor in my home office, but I don’t want company.

I was fooling around with the Nvidia color intensity panel, so that’s probably it. I wonder if there is a way to determine what color it is with the current settings and then use it on a web page?

I’ve got 2 of the same monitors plugged into the same video card on my PC.

One has a bluish tinge, one has a reddish thing. It drives me nuts. No amount of fiddling with the monitor panels or the video card driver color options makes it look the same.

Try using the colour correction thing in PowerStrip. My old 15" screen had this tendancy to think that everything should look like Quake. (The green Steam menu bar wasn’t green as much as it was a moldy brown vomit colour). So, yeah, try PowerStrip.

It’s possible you have a utility messing with your colors. Video driver control panels, Adobe Gamma, etc.

Also, images can have ICC profiles embedded, or programs might assume the wrong profile.

Here is a profile-less JPG. Should be self explanatory … what colors do you get?