Web page scripting actions

What language or tool can I use to script web page actions? I want to make little scripts so someone can just click on it and it automates functions:

Log in, enter username/pw, then click on certain positions. Some actions will depends on text parsing the resulting page.

I have very little coding ability. Last thing I used was old commo scripts to run MUD navigation, and a tictactoe program in assembly. Played with perl a bit. This is all about 10 years ago.

Willing to learn if neccesary, was looking for a direction on where to begin looking.

For server side scripting use PHP, it’s well documented an very easy to learn/use.

For client side scripting use JavaScript in combination with the Document Object Model, because they’re very widely supported and reasonably flexible.

One of my favorite things about using PHP + Javascript is they’re very syntactically similar (though not identical.) This makes moving back and forth between the two pretty easy for me. I hadn’t done any significant coding in roughly 7 years and and I managed to pick up both in the space of a couple months, and while I’m far from an expert I’ve been able to do some cool shit with both.

Edit: Pertinent Links.

PHP Introductory Tutorial: http://us2.php.net/tut.php

There are tons of free PHP tutorials out there, Google can point you in a good direction.

Javascript/DOM: http://www.w3schools.com/default.asp

Excellent resource for anything web related (they even have PHP stuff.) Tutorials for everything.

Or if you have any VB experience: .ASP

If you want the user’s web browser to do the script (such as making sure some blank is filled in), then use Javascript. This runs on the client-side without requiring interaction with the server. If the request is more complex or you want it to go through the server (for example, username/password verification) then use a server-side language such as PHP.

What kind of actions are you looking to perform?