Web page text turning into links?

O.K. Web Dumbass Question here. Go ahead and scoff, just help me out if you can:

Every time the word “Game” appears in the text of a website, it’s converted to a link. This is obviously some new form of spam as the links are clearly not part of the actual site code. Any suggestions A) how to prevent this from happening and B) how to eliminate it from my computer?

I’d suggest spybot: search and destroy. Sounds like you’re infected with something that is parsing all HTML before it displays. Some kind of IE ad-on, I’d imagine.

Try downloading the free version (or the paid version, which is totally worth the money) of Lavasoft’s Adaware. It’s pretty good at routing out spyware and fuckingannoyingware (or whatever you want to call popup/ad-serving spyware).

Use both. I use Spybot to immunize my computer against spyware, and both to run detections.

Yep, both is the way to go. Each finds plenty of things the other doesn’t.

I had never heard of Spybot S&D, but I just downloaded it and checked it out, and it’s a pretty slick program. It has some nice options for active protection, and can automatically configure your IE settings for increased security, if you want. So, yeah–get this program, too.