Web series worth a watch

Just discovered NINJAK VS THE VALIANT UNIVERSE webseries on youtube. I was supervised by the quality of this webseries, especially for a live action comic effort, and was wondering if there are other webseries worth a watch

I enjoyed The Guild a few years back.

I haven’t watched Cobra Kai, but I’ve been told it also is excellent.

Recently did a double header with the Ninjak series stitched into one movie, and then the Vin Diesel Bloodshot movie. Fun night!

Not quite the same, but I have to recommend Critical Role. If you enjoy it, it will give you plenty to watch to ride out the quarantine .

There’s only one web series I’ve ever watched, but I still love it dearly: YACHT ROCK! It’s a bit old (and the video quality often reflects that) but it holds up very well, especially the last half of the series (episodes 7-12 are its mini-golden age). It ostensibly covers the smooth music / west coast rock scene in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, primarily through the careers of Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins. Even if you don’t like the music (I didn’t initially, but I do now), it’s great fun and only 12 short episodes. If you’ve ever wanted to see Steely Dan viciously beat The Eagles with baseball bats, this is the series for you!

It also contains this all-time great dialogue exchange:
James Ingram: It’s mellow, but not smooth. Kinda shitty.
Michael McDonald: Jimmy Buffet!

I love Sex House, originally produced by The Onion:

It’s a parody of reality TV but oh. Oh does it go places.

If you are a fan of Star Trek, and like a guided tour of Star Trek Online, with all the boring bits cut out, and extra information sprinkled in.

Sex House and Yacht Rock made for a wonderful evening.

You guys have been holding out. :) Mortal Kombat Legacy has a ton of great actors, and fun to watch! Way better than the original, except for the lack of awesome music…Off to find more web series gems lol

Also been enjoying Returning The Favor , Covid Edition.

I’ve seen a few of the episodes from the previous 4 seasons, and have watched all 5 episodes so far of the from home edition going on now.

The web series Star Command, has a very Trek Vibe to it, written by Marc Zicree (who wrote Star trek and Babylon 5 episodes) . This link has the entire series bottled into one episode. except 101.9 and 101.10 for some odd reason. Well worth a watch for scifi fans, lots of cameos!

Also it appears to be have been on MTV but i ddnt catch it, and now on youtube is Death Valley.

Reno 911 vibe meets zombies and vampires

My favorite fan attempt for Star Trek though is

Just found this one, amazing art/graphics for a warhammer short/fan story

I enjoyed the now-defunct series “Speakeasy”. Paul F. Tompkins (then, later and less successfully, Russell Peters) interviewed interesting actors, writers, comedians, etc. over a refreshing beverage or six. Early episodes were only about five minutes, then they began sprawling to a half hour.

As the time when the series was made continues receding into the rearview mirror of history, it’s pleasant to discover chats with folks that are no longer with us, like this swell interview with Bill Paxton.

I can’t find the thread in which it was posted anymore, but one of the shows that got mentioned as one of the best 2019 shows was State of the Union. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s 10 episodes that are 10 minutes each. Rosamund Pike and Chris Dowd meeting for a few minutes before they begin their marriage counseling session. It used to all be available on the Sundance TV website last year, but now it looks like they moved it to their Sundance service and you have to sign up for a free trial to see it.

My beloved Rosamund Pike! Why have i never heard of this show?

My wife was watching that Mandalorian round table show where Jon Favreau shoots the shit with other Mandalorian directors about Star Wars and other stuff. He had a knack for guiding and promoting conversation and bringing out interesting stories, and it tickled my memory. That’s right, he did basically the same thing with his Dinner for Five show fifteen or twenty years ago. Jon and four other interesting personalities, usually movie or TV stars, would sit around a table and chat. Food would sometimes be involved.

Turns out that series is on YouTube, pretty much in its entirety. (There’s one orphan episode that’s on Netflix.)

Some of the conversational topics have aged about as well as the leftover cheese on the plates, but overall, it’s fun to see these people chatting. It’s like the hard version of the Gene Siskel quote, “Is [a] film more interesting than a documentary of the same actors having lunch?”

My wife reminded me that Favreau did a similar sort of show more recently that involved restaurants and conversation, which was related to his Chef movie, and sometimes involved the Marvel MCU actors that he was working with.

A new web series I have been watching just dropped their last episode for the season. Not sure if they will do another, but the story is self contained if this is it. If you enjoy D&D, I suggest giving it a watch.