Web store/shopping cart software

Anyone have recommendations for a decent “Build your own shopping cart” turnkey solution that isn’t hideously expensive and that isn’t eBay or Yahoo! Shops? Preferably something that can be hooked into an existing site and that handles inventory management and what not, and which can work an existing payment setup.

I used OScommerce with my dads site. Its open source and it works great IMHO>

For a true (hosted) turnkey with no or little development, PayPal is also worth considering. It can plug into all sorts of things, and I think you can do some branding customization in their hosted stuff if you feel comfortable taking that on. For build-your-own, ZenCart is OK, I got it working with only some headache (some hosts such as DH offer a one-click install option) but it’s antiquated and kludgey. OSCommerce may be better and the Drupal developers are rolling out more and more commerce stuff all the time. If I were to set up a full-blown shopping cart today, that’s the way I would go, but I’m pretty Drupal-biased these days.

OSCommerce looks really nice, I just have to verify it works with our merchant account.