Webcam recommendations?

Anyone here a webcam pro? I need recommendations. Best picture quality at a good price, as well as software recommendations.


All I know is stay well away from the cheapies. My GF got one and it’s as dark as night, she has to have a freaking lamp on the be able to get a good image… I like the look of the Logitech ones (not sure on the performance really - but they seem ok for functions…)

it really depends on what you’re going to be using it for (live streaming or just taking random photos)

Webcam Pro? You mean like some kind of ‘alternative’ skank that’ll show her adolescent breasts in the hope somebody will pay for the iPod on her Amazon wish list? :P

I’ve got a 3com HomeConnect which is reasonably good fidelity wise, and also in low light, though I think it’s been long discontinued.

Yeah, the 3Com cams were the best I’d seen. I picked up Creative’s cam for my mom, so that she could conference with her brother. It seemed to look really good. Tons better than any of the $30-50 range Logitech cameras.

If you really want quality though, you can use a camcorder with a video input device (such as a Pinnacle Systems Dazzle or TV-input card – as long as it supports Video for Windows). I’ve also read that WebCam DV will work with direct USB or FireWire connections.