Webcam software

This may even be part of the software that came with my webcam…but since I am at work and I have long since forgotten the details, thought I would run this by here.

We have 2 cats- well young cats in our house now. I am interested in having my webcam on so I can at least see some activity at home and access it say at work or on the road.

I was wondering what people use for this…and can I do it for free?

You’ve not mentioned an OS so I’ll assume Windows…

I’ve got webcams setup for the exact same thing. Slim pickings on the free (working) software front in my experience. In the end I started using windows media encoder 9 (its now been replaced by expression encoder 4 which I cant get to install).

The only downside (in my opinion) is that once its on, its encoding the video all the time instead of only encoding on demand. Although I use ultraVNC to connect and turn it on/off when needed.

To be different, I’ll go with “no OS mention=Linux”, or at least Linux-aware. Check out ZoneMinder. It’s a bit of overkill, but it’s a nice piece of software for casual surveillance. I’ve used it with network IP cameras, but it’ll work with webcams also. If you’re not running Linux, you can use the LiveCD variant and just boot directly to it.

Check your webcam software. I bought some cheap webcams recently and I was surprised to see that the software supported automatic streaming after it detected movement in its view.

Sorry for the stupid mistake- yeah Vista. I shall give the suggestions a try- and see if i can dig up or dl the software for my camera–I was thinking that might be my easiest free option but haven’t had a chance dig thru my discs yet.