Webcam/video conferencing using a PDA can it be done today?

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while and I think it would be very cool to have a webcam attached to a PDA with 802.11b/g capability. If there was a conferencing client like netmeeting or somesuch, then I’d have a little mobile videoconferencing platform.

I think the PocketPC platform would be very capable of handling this sort of task, are there any video camera/webcam attachments for the PocketPC?

The NexiCam sleeve for the iPAQ will do video conferencing via 802.11b using the NexiPhone software that’s now bundled with the camera.

I found the software a bit quirky to get working, though. Eventually got it running over Netmeeting, but only on the local network. Trying to see if I could get it going out over the router is on my “things to do on a lazy weekend” list. But that’s a long list.

Hmm the nexian website seems to be down, thanks for the link, I’ll try again later.