Webcams, etc

Say my boss wanted to do some sort of luncheon for his clients about the current economy in regards to their holdings. The luncheon will have various presentations, etc. Also say, that some clients are not from the area, but are interested in watching the presentations.

Would there be a way to set up a webcam on his laptop in order for outside viewers to attend? Is there a website that the viewers can go to in order to attend our presentation through a webcam? I’ve never messed with the webcam fad, but I figure it is easy enough to set up. I just don’t know how outside viewers can hook up to see what our cam sees.

I know the company I work for uses Webex for these kinds of things -

It allows you to show your slides, and have a webcam as well for the presenter. Seems to work allright.

GoTo Meeting also works well - let’s you share your PC screen or a specific window. It has a few issues on Macs though.

We use gotomeeting for everything from 1-on-1 customer calls to diagnose software problems to company-wide presentations spanning a few hundred employees across North America, Europe, and Asia.

The only problem I have with GoToMeeting, is all the horrible spam they keep sending me. But hey, that’s what Spam filters are for!