Webcomics that may interest only me

hehe, the first half of law and order. (feb 7 comic)

agreed. i read the whole archives this morning and turned my girlfriend onto it as well

Bookmarked Wonderella. It has promise.

Has anyone linked to Problem Sleuth yet? It’s not so much funny as it is… weird. It started life as an homage to the logic-broken adventure games of the 90’s, with the readers determining what action the characters would take each update, in an adventure-game style world. From that starting point, it’s gone on to become this gloriously surreal amalgamation of influences and themes. I only discovered it by accident while checking out the Topatoco store, but the archives ended up sucking me in for hours.

Even if most people here hate it, those few people who end up digging it can pose as a team, 'cause shit just got real.

Is that really the first time Wonderella’s come up in this thread? I thought there was one a good while back (this one, to be specific) but I may have seen that somewhere else.

So… yeah… I made a thread like 2 days ago.


wow… Wonderella is really good. Added the RSS to my comics feed.

heh heh

  1. No.
  2. You’re supposed to link the comic’s site through the image, but I doubt it’s necessary in this case.
  3. What is Hitler even supposed to be? A candy cane?

I thought it was Earthworm Adolf.

But it has arms.


My bad. None of them are particularly good or tasteful, and therefore got a couple of chuckles out of me.

He does have a thing for earthworm…creatures.

Of course it does. It is one of the Überwürmer.

Wonderella makes this terrible thread all worth it.

For the first time in years, I actually snerked at a User Friendly today.

Yeah, me too.

(Why do I keep reading it? I don’t know. I am the Statler and Waldorf of webcomics.)

Except Statler and Waldorf hated the Muppets. For that to make sense, you would have to hate webcomics. But you don’t. You like them. So for a good metaphor, you have to be something or someone that likes shit. Some suggestions:

You are the teenage girl at a Britney Spears concert of webcomics.
You are the opening night audience of the remake of Friday The 13th of webcomics.
You are the Pier Paolo Pasolini of webcomics.
You are the guy playing Far Cry 2 multiplayer of webcomics.

Isn’t David Willis the guy who had the meltdown and quit comics out of hatred for Dinosaur Comics?