Website hacked! What to do?

I know that at the time it didn’t hit you as such, but that’s actually pretty funny…

They went through all that work and all they did was replace the Index?
What else is stored on that server? Do you do any online transactions?

Unless they were going for the “Proof of the Hack”, I find it hard to believe that they didn’t penetrate the system any deeper.
They looked for more and there simply wasn’t anything there that interested them.

Reporting this to the FBI isn’t such a far-fetched idea.

Don’t bother emailing them, the account is no longer active.

The IP addresses used seem to be assigned by, just in case anyone is interested.

Is this the new Halo web game?

Always rebuild the entire machine whenever you get hacked.

If you’re using it as an unattended server, you need unattended patches or you’ll be penetrated again. Either pony up the money to apple or just install linux on the sucker.

Oooh, Black Scorpion. Because simply being a scorpion is not generic-edgy enough.

Reminds me of that scene in “True Lies” when they talk about the ‘Crimson Jihad’ movement.

HARRY: Abu Kaleem Malik.
GIB: Hardcore, highly fanatical, ultra- fundamentalist. Linked to numerous car-bombings, that cafe bomb in Rome, and the 727 out of Lisbon last year. Major player.
FAISIL: Now he’s formed his own splinter faction called CRIMSON JIHAD.
GIB: Guess he thought the other terrorist groups were too warm and fuzzy for his taste.
FAISIL: They call him “The Sand Spider”.
FAISIL: Probably because it sounds scary.

If you depend on the extras that Server comes with, sure. I would personally just go with the regular version unless I needed them, but the price difference isn’t so massive to push it out of the question.

But yeah, post-haste on the upgrade. And make it a clean install while you’re at it, just to be safe.