Wednesday night Fight: Halo 3

I’m off to Wilmington, NC this weekend for some music festival so in self interest I’ll organize a fight night for tommorrow.

If you have the Halo 3 beta, come play tomorrow, drink beer and tag people with sticky grenades. You know you want some Moore!

Bonus points for clocking people in the back of the head with rifle butts. Bonus bonus points for running people over in vehicles of any kind. Bonus bonus bonus points if you can quote Sartre or Descartes while doing it. Or Homer Simpson, even.

I’ll give you one to start: “Hell is other people.”

And one more: “I hate victims who respect their executioners.”

They just updated the playlist too supposedly with 6v6 and capture the flag etc.

Is it possible to bump the party size up from 8 people? That gets full really fast once a few qt3ers and friends sign on…

What’s the time frame?

It’s 12 now supposedly for Big Team Training. They are going to be messing with playlists all through the beta.

I plink, therefore I am. It might be time to get a 360.

I’m packing like mad, but I could use a day of play. I’m on pacific time though, so I’d show up around 9 eastern.

So the party size is enforced by Bungie? That kinda sucks. :(

For matchmaking, yes, it’s enforced. If you’re trying to get into gametype X, it makes sense that you’d only be able to do it if your party size is acceptable for that gametype. When you’re doing a custom match, you can have as many people as you want, but that’s not part of the beta. For that matter, matchmaking playlists may support larger party sizes in the retail version as well, we don’t have access to all the options now. So yeah, it’s enforced, but it’s just the limited scope of the beta that’s crampin’ your style, not a permanent gameplay decision.

There’s still a hard cap in the final game, I think, of 16. I’m pretty sure bungie has said max game size will still be 8 vs 8. In Halo 2, and I think it’s the same this time around, the party size is limited to “big enough to fill both sides of the game up.”

Even if they end up with bigger game sizes, I think parties even in private custom games can’t be bigger than the max size of a single game.

Oh, well I figured that went without saying. Every multiplayer game has a maximum player limit, sometimes per level or game type, so of course you can’t have a 37 player party if Halo 3 only supports up to 16 player games or whatever. Unless you’re saying something else that I’m missing.

Right now, you can’t make a 16 player party (unless that’s changed in the last couple days, I haven’t played since the weekend). I thought that’s what jeffd was complaining about, and I was just pointing out that it’s a limitation of what gametypes and options are available in the beta, because eventually you will be able to have a party size as big as the maximum possible player limit. Correct?

Basically yeah that’s what I was complaining about. When we get an organized thing like this together an 8 player party fills up VERY fast and guys are left out in the cold staring at the starting menu screen hoping for an invite, which kinda sucks for them.

It’s 12 now, also they added a Banshee on Valhalla I hear. I haven’t played since the update. I’ll be on tonight in a bit though I think.

I’ll be there.

9 PM Eastern tomorrow sounds perfect.

You mean today, right? 5/23?

I’m in. I might be around earlier than that as well. Just throw me an invite if you see me around.

I’ll try to be on a bit earlier but man I just KNOW the wife will want to watch Lost tonight.

Fuck Lost. With my BOOMstick. Or at least that one brunette.

Yeah, tonight at 9 EST.

I’d like to play. 6pm mdt. None of you are on my list and I kinda suck (at least thats what all the 13 year olds kept telling me last night).
Anyone want to add me? Gamertag: Major Icehole