Wednesday night Fight: Halo 3

I’ll try to show up, but it depends on when I get out of work honestly.

Even though I think Halo is an average FPS that just got lucky and became popular, I’m still jealous I don’t have the beta :P

Screw Halo, Vegas is calling!

I’ll be there. I look forward to beating you all down multiple times.

You should actually feel bad for missing out on crackdown, it’s 2098752364786x better than the halo 3 beta. But the beta is kinda fun. push to talk BS notwithstanding.

CHIRP! where you at, uh, dog? /CHIRP!


9PM eastern? M’kay, I’ll try and be there Around that time. No guarantees.

I’ll try to be on

Don’t be skurred. :)

Yeah, and it’s only available for a limited time, so I say might as well play it.

Hey, when it’s over, how do I delete it? I don’t see it in my demos.

I actually don’t have any QT3ers on my friends list, anyone mind if I add someone from the group on My gamertag is ‘dethmuffin’.

And the wife just called with a surprise trip to the incredible pizza company with the kids. Oh well I guess I’m out now. Maybe I’ll check in later if anybody is still on.

I loved Crackdown but the Halo 3 Beta is my GOTY so far. I’m in love. Maybe because I never really got into Halo or Halo 2 multiplayer that much.

I actually like it, so people don’t say shit like “Where you at, dog?” If you hear someone say “Oh shit, behind you!” they probably didn’t broadcast that, which means it’s a proximity message, which means you’re about to be reamed by a Spartan laser.

I generally only speak in Halo 3 while playing games like Territories or CTF while not in combat, so I have no problem with the P2B in that case.

I’m interested in getting in on this. What do I need to do to guarantee an invite? The last time I saw Qt3ers all joined up for some Halo 3 Beta, the lobby was full.

Oh, and I suck. Really, really suck. I just want to set the bar really low, because that’s where it belongs.

Yeah, I’m in for this too hopefully, but might be difficult depending on when I can get the kids to bed or whatnot.

Isn’t that a Bettie Serveert song?

If we do get more than twelve people, we can start a splinter cell.

And Qt3ers are all over the place in Halo 3 in terms of skill. Some of us are just better than others. I’m usually terrible when playing offensive objective-based games, but I do alright in team slayer matches.

Memory management.

FYI- for those of you that did the SR ebta, that 1gb patch doesnt get deleted when you delete from the demos blade, you must go into memory/storage or whatever and delete it to get your 1gb back.

HAHAHA! Just as we bad mouth ElGuapo for not showing up to his own event, he logs in. Awesome. :)

Good games those of you who I played with. Especially that last game where we went 4 on 6 and held our own pretty much the entire match. Too bad we ended up with two different games going and too many to merge.

Game of the evening was VIP on Valhalla, a mode I hate, on my least favourite map. Best moment: four or five of us taking on a warthog behind our spawn point and then it bursting into flames due to a a large amount of grenades.

Well, too many players is always a good problem. Good games tonight guys. I think I’m sold on the full version, if just for the ability to customize the hell out of all the variations and actually play them rather than it be random.

I had a great moment tonight where I jumped in a vehicle someone else was riding and we both jumped out and started shooting each other and then both tossed grenades at the vehicle. If I can’t have it no one will! Good times.

Thanks for the games guys!