Weekend gaming 07/06/2012

Haven’t done one of these in a while with all the hospital visits I’ve been doing. But it seems to worst of the summer is upon us. Temps here are hovering around 100 with humidity in the 90% range. Looks like good days for gaming!

I’ll be trying out London 2012 after seeing the Giantbomb quicklook. An Olympic game that doesn’t totally suck… who thought it was possible?

Since I have pretty much tabled Diablo 3, I’ll also be continuing my slow sojourn through Uncharterd: Drake’s Fortune.

I’ll also be blazing up MLB 12 The Show in anticipation of the Yankees handing the Red Sox their butts this weekend.


Summoner Wars
Le Havre
Endless Space

Yep, it’s too hot to be outside and enjoy it. As long as the A/C holds up, reading and playing video games is the place to be!

I’ll probably try to finish up my current game of Warlock: Master of the Arcane. Promised to help a friend with an incarnate trial badge run in City of Heroes on Saturday. Beyond that, my copy of The Apocalypse Codex came in, so I’ll probably be booking it on the couch.

Replace the Power Supply, assuming my copy arrives in time.

Some PvP and Blue Mountain and beyond? in The Secret World.

Early design in my new Dwarf Fortress fort.

A couple turns in the two MP Dominions 3 games I am in.

I should be installing the new stair treads I have ready to go in our house, but we shall see how much I actually get done.

Diablo 3
Star Conflict beta
Minecraft- recent re-addiction. I got a wonderfully mountainous land that I have issues playing on because of my fear of falling.
Stronghold Kingdoms- it’s an enjoyable game. Slow as a PBEM game. But it has held my attention enough to have saved up gold for a second town charter, which I’ll be building up during the 3 days that I can’t be attacked.

Mostly Out of the Park Baseball, which I’ve been hooked on recently. I’m at about the midway point in the inaugural season of the Canadian Baseball League. Things are going well for my Victoria Salmon Kings right now; we’re first in the Macdonald division, but the Vancouver Canadians are only two games behind. Also, some of my players are looking for contract extensions at this point. Christophe Père, my 38 year old 1st baseman, is looking for another large 5 year contract and I’m hoping he’ll settle for a contract with a couple team option years instead.

If I can fit it in, I’ll play either FTL, Sins Rebellion, Gemini Wars or Zigfrak. Not sure which yet, but I love all the spacey gaming.

Toss up between Drox Operative and Din’s Curse. Maybe some more Skyrim.

Oh yeah, might try Spelunky again. Everytime I do I’m defeated by the controls, maybe this time will be the one where I finally get it. Seems perfect for my new laptop. That and TowerClimb.

Ooh, maybe Orcs Must Die. I was rather enjoying it but it came in a flood of titles and got swept back under the rug.

/keeps twiddling thumbs for GW2. Still not hugely inspired to dig into any meaty game (got several on backburner like Endless Space, Witcher 2, Shogun 2 AND MOAR), so these more zen-state games are it for me right now. Fight-wander/explore-loot/skillup-repeat seem to be the thing.

I just finished the story and found all the collectibles in Batman: Arkham Asylum, and I’ve been playing the challenges. I have to face up to the fact that at 51, I just don’t have the reflexes to regularly string together more than 4 hits without taking some damage. As a result I’ll never score in the 3 bat range for the beat-em-up maps. BTW, is there going to be a Batman Arkham City GOTY for PC?

I’m addicted to Spelunky. Making my way through the third world at the moment and hope to see the fourth by the weekend’s end. Feels so good to finally play it after putting off the PC version knowing this XBLA update would be coming eventually.

I’ve been working on Sega Superstars Tennis here and there, and with the hardest Jet Set Radio tag challenges behind me, I think I can look forward to getting all AAA’s soon enough.

Picked up a copy of TERA earlier in the week, took advantage of a 50%-off promotion they were running. I expect that to occupy my weekend.

Laugh all you want but I’ve kind of been having a fun time with MMO-in-a-browser-lite Drakensang Online. I have no excuses - it is shallow, easy, pay-to-win, buggy and laggy as hell but I’ve sunk a few hours into it and I regret nothing.

The bumping of the Just Cause 2 thread reminded by I need to complete a bit more of that so off to play it now!

Finished up Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, fitting ending to the game.

Hit level 60 on my Barb in D3.

Played some Dawn of War 2 : Retribution , for the first time.

Oddly enough, I’m back to playing WoW. I’m just sorta messing around at the moment, but I am having “fun” (sorry Tom) and I am looking forward to the panda bear invasion. I’ve been alternating between leveling up my shadow priest, currently at a mere level 19, and doing battlegrounds with my level 85 mage and paladin. I’m pretty rusty but somehow I still kick ass with my ret pally. Mage is a bit rough. Yeah, frost mages are easy mode and OP as hell I suppose, but they’re hard if you haven’t played in 6 months. :(

Been playing Klonoa 2 and Shadow of Rome this weekend. Klonoa 2 is just a great platformer, really digging the graphics and the game isn’t a complete pushover like I expected. Shadow of Rome has been pretty solid so far. Any game where you can chop a man’s arm off and bludgeon him to death with it gets bonus points from me. The stealth stuff isn’t the greatest, but so far it hasn’t proven too frustrating. The storyline is pretty interesting so far.

Batman: Arkham City. I got up to the really chilly fight on Friday night and was too tired to deal, but Saturday night I kicked all kinds of ass there and then got into such a high-speed welter of side missions that I had to pry my fingers off the controller or get no sleep at all. What a fucking excellent game. I wish they could clone Rocksteady three times and give them every superhero game in the industry (viz. Amazing Spider-Man…).

What I really want to know is what is Rocksteady doing next? Whatever it is, I’m probably day one.