Weekend gaming - 07/29/2011

So as the summer slowly starts to wind down, what is taking place on tv’s and monitors this weekend?

Me? With two different family members in two different hospitals in two different parts of the state, I doubt I will be doing much gaming. It’s been a real tragic week, so I’m not sure I would really be in the mood for games.

What about everyone else?

I’m going to visit my mother for a week. While the internet exists there, the computers are just crap. I’ll be offline for a week, save for my iPhone. Most of the week, I’ll be doing chores–heavy stuff that she can’t do.

Dead Space 2

Sorry to hear that divorced.

I’m planning on exploring some gaming on my new iPad. Also, I’ve gotten back into Borderlands.

I think a NewGame+ run at Bastion might be on the cards, and a dabble with Vampire the Masquerade to see what all the fuss is about.

Also sorry to hear, divorced.

On topic, I’ll be playing Capsized along with some 1701 A.D. Gold.

Played a little bit of Bioshock tonight, and World of Tanks. Tomorrow I will be playing the Battlefield 3 Alpha and probably more WoT.

Yeah hope all turns out well divorced!

I will try to power through the stuff I still want to do / see in WoW so I can cancel before the subscription will renew on August 6th.

Apart from that I still have tons to do in Just Cause 2 and should finish Anomaly Earth.

Thanks for the good wishes. Didn’t even occur to me to say what happened. Doh! My wife’s daughter was in a horrific car accident last Saturday night. She was with her boyfriend and had both been drinking. They were traveling at a high rate of speed and hit a culvert. The car became airborne, flipped 4 times end over end and came to rest with the car leaning against a power pole facing down like a plane in a power dive. He was not wearing a seatbelt, was ejected through the windshield and killed on the spot. She was wearing her seatbelt, and the only thing that possibly saved her left leg was she was sitting with her legs crossed, not extended. But the odds of saving her leg are about 30-70 against, just waiting and seeing the the surgical repairs take. She is 18 and will face significant handicaps even if they save the leg and he was only 19. What a complete waste of life.

So while my wife is there nonstop with her daughter, I am crisscrossing the state several times as I have to still run my business. So this week has sure had a lot of wear and tear on my hide.

Oh, and my 72-year old mother had scheduled total knee replacement Tuesday here and has developed pneumonia while in the hospital. She sounds and looks terrible right now. We are very worried.

So I’m torn hourly to be here with my mother since I hate her being alone in the hospital. My brother pretty much doesn’t go as he hates hospitals. I know, had that argument many times over the years, just not gonna change. And I’m torn needing to be with my wife who is totally heartbroken seeing her daughter go through this physical and mental pain and anguish. The two hospitals are about 140 miles apart with Baton Rouge between them. BR pretty much has traffic on par with Los Angeles due to massive road repair projects which just goes on for years and years. Always a joy to travel through!

So as you can see, a tough week…

You’re in my thoughts Divorced.

I lost my mom this time last year after years of her battling diabetes, she was 78, and I know how tough it was to go through that whole hospital thing, not fun but necessary. Having to deal with two hospitals at the same time I feel for you bigtime, that would be beyond tough.

On a gaming note will still be playing Knights of the Old Republic 1 from the recent Steam sale for the first time, except for the graphics, which aren’t bad, it’s been as good solid fun as lot of current RPG’s for me.

In between some Dungeons of Dredmor as well.

Really sorry to hear about that Divorced, feel bad for your wife. But wow, it could have been much worse for her daughter, hope they’re able to save her leg.

Seems to be a bad month here at QT3 (actually, in general it seems) with death, sickness and injury. I lost my older brother a couple of weeks ago to a pulminary embolism plus Diabetes complications and now my 16 year old daughter fractured her foot (not serious, but she may need surgery if it doesn’t heal properly in the next few weeks).

Still, we must game on :) (seriously don’t know what I’d do without gaming and music when these things happen… even when things are so tough I KNOW i don’t want to play, actually sitting down and doing it helps distract and calm quite a bit… especially those mindless JRPGs :D)

And I can’t seem to stick to any one game for long. Getting the GC out last week has me hooked on going through my collection and started playing Tales Of Syphonia again last night (which I never finished). Which reminds me I never finished Baiten Katos.

Started Might & Magic 4 last night - bought the GoG M & M collection when it came out and still have only messed around with each game but actually played for about 2 hours last night. Great game.

Gee-zus. Sorry to hear about that. Tragic indeed.

Dredmor if I can get over the last unfair vendor death.
Wizard 101 with the kids.
Dragon Age:Origins.
Hopefully some Rift.

So I’m on a Rock Band 3 kick lately. When I get frustrated by some Pro Keys song, I’ll switch to Pro Drums or to Vocals for a bit.

Also thinking I may try to finish up Bastion.

I’m guessing Terraria is going to consume all my gaming time this weekend. I’m thinking I might give star ruler a try though.

Try the BF3 Alpha, when it finishes downloading in 2.5 hours.

Sheesus, divorced, what a mess, I am so sorry. Best of luck and best wishes to you all.

Very sorry to hear about that, divorced.

In between a family party and board gaming I think I’m going to stubbornly continue to work with Star Ruler. One day I will master the game and Blind Mind just released a really good update for it too.

I’m sorry to hear about it too, Divorced. Hoping for the best for you. I feel kind of lousy to be talking about games now.

I think I’ll probably get some more Team Fortress 2 in this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of free time tomorrow since all I have to do in the way of chores is mow the yard.

Nothing but WoW for me. It’s great to be back. Gimme a few months though and I’ll freaking hate it again. ;)

All the NFL free agency stuff has gotten me to start playing Front Office Football 2007 again. Six seasons in and my Minneapolis Avengers have two playoff appearances and a roughly .500 record.