Weekend gaming - 07/29/2011

Fallout New Vegas with some mods.
Dungeons of Dredmor, probably a little.
…mostly catching up on my reading!

I ended up playing about 2 hours of the Battlefield 3 Alpha, and finished about 100 battles in World of Tanks.

I jumped on that BC2: Vietnam deal and the SWAT4 deal, and played a good deal of both. SWAT4 is great, although I am a terrible swatter, shooting perps left and right when I should be pepper spraying them into submission. Or maybe paintball gunning, not sure what to do when faced with a shotgun to face. It certainly makes me want to go in and do better next time, that’s for sure. I wonder how long the Career is …

Conversely, it made me start thinking about Hitman BLood Money which I still haven’t played. I guess there’s something about that careful execution of plans that’s infectious - now I want to try it from the other side!

BC2: Vietnam is … more BC. Not as different as I had hoped, and MGNM AM still greatly prevalent. More maps though, can’t knock that for a fiver.

Divinity II was my game 'o the weekend.

Sorry also divorced, that’s a true shitstorm of coincidence. At least your wife’s daughter isn’t dead, and her shithead drink-and-drive-without-a-seatbelt boyfriend is dead, thereby ending his horrible influence on her life. Also, thank God no one else got killed – at least she doesn’t have that on her conscience.

Best case scenario, she learns from this and never drinks and drives again, and has a long and, while challenging, ultimately fulfilling life. I sincerely hope so.

I also hope your mother recovers. Good for you for stepping up where your brother won’t.

This weekend I was playing the “camping and dance-partying with the kids” game, for the epic win. Oh, I might have played a wee bit of From Dust on Friday night, I’m not sure.

Edit: Hey, wait a minute, divorced. When did you get a(nother) wife?!

I’ll be wishing for the best for your wife’s daughter and your mother, divorced.

My game of the weekend was Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Almost back up to the part where I stopped playing in my last attempt (about five years ago). I’m sure I’ll enjoy it a lot more once I’m into the new content. Being Malkavian always helps, too.

Runners-up are Cthulhu Saves the World (which I finished and thoroughly enjoyed, clocked eight hours on normal difficulty) and Tom Clancy’s HAWX, which I’ve been playing to get my Ace Combat fix in the run-up to Assault Horizon.