Weekend gaming 08/12/2011

As I continue my hospital sojurns into yet another weekend, hopefully I will be able to get at least some gaming in.

I’d like to get some Rift in (although this game is quickly losing it’s appeal), maybe some DoWII Retribution, Shogun 2 and maybe some DLC for Dragon Age 2.

What’s everyone else up to this weekend?

Well I’m downloading Constructor right now and I just bought the new Civ V DLC, so I think I’ll be spending some time with those. Plus I’m getting the new board games Ventura, Rune Age and maybe Space Empires so I’ll be playing those too. Also I need to keep working on leveling my WoW characters.

I hope things are going better for you, divorced/remarried :)

I am very, very close to the infamous, hateful MGNM AM upgrade in Bad Company 2 (the one that turns your rubber bullets into real ones), so I’ll be trying to reach that. I expect that when I do I’ll play 3-5 more games and stop playing for several months. It’s what I do.

Hopefully that will let me get back to Risen and Dredmor. And I expect more coding - it’s time to put in the going upstairs/downstairs code into my roguelike. :D

Been pushing through the Baldur’s Gate Trilogy mod suite. Just hit the namesake city of Baldur’s Gate itself, so nearing closer to actually completing one of my most prolonged backlog titles.

Hard to imagine I have at least another 150+ hours ahead of me with the final couple chapters of BG1, all of BG2, and ToB ahead of me. I’ve sunk at least 50 already just pushing through most of BG1. Game holds up surprisingly well too.

Think I’m going to try and finish up Drakensang this weekend. I’ve really loved the first 30 hours I’ve played. Other than that I’ll be playing some Terraria and Dredmor for sure. Hopefully the group will get together for some more ArmaII hijinks.

Probably some more Borderlands, maybe some more E.Y.E. Cybermancy, and most certainly a lot of World of Tanks. I imagine I will spend some time on some other games as well.

Just started Dead money, the Fallout: New Vegas dlc. So probably that, WoW and TF2.

I’ll be playing 1701 Gold as part of a project to write small reviews on every game I own for my little blog, as well as putting together a list of space games for my new little blog.

Now nice progress!
That series is a sore point in my backlog, too…
Oh well one day!

Personally I will try to complete Just Cause 2 (80% done and having spent 74 hours in it so far which is crazy).
Maybe some Killing Floor as well if my online buddy is willing to (he is deep into Fallout New Vegas which he got from the id Steam Sale last week).
Probably will play a Hidden Object Game, too as my gf is out of town and left her laptop loaded with tons of them here.

divorced / remarried (like that nick heh): Hope your folks is getting better in the hospital and that you find some time for gaming!

Reminds me I still have Throne Of Bhall which I bought like 3 years ago and still haven’t installed.

I can’t seem to be able to stick to any one game lately. Just downloaded Final Fantasy Tactics (enhanced PSP port edition) a few minutes ago - FFT is one of my favorite games of all time and I haven’t played it since it came out so it will be a nice treat which will probably occupy most of my weekend gaming time. Can’t wait to start.

Will probably also play a little more Tales Of Syphonia and Titan Quest.

Care to share the link?
I liked / like your expertise on space games and I’m sure I’m not the only one on QT3 :)

The project for reviewing every game I own will be on http://www.vongeekenstein.com.

The Space website isn’t ready yet. ;) But thanks!

I think these are all pretty likely for me this weekend: DoWII:Retribution, Civ5, Ascension, Mega Mall Story, and Catherine.

My last gaming weekend before the wife and kids come home and I’m having gaming paralysis. 2 full days of nothing but gaming and I can’t decide how best to spend it…

Probably try to finish Force Unleashed since I don’t play many console games. I’d also like to finish Div 2, but I appear to be having issues with that.


I want to get into some of the Fallout: New Vegas DLC I bought in the Bethesda sale, or continue with Drakensang, but in all likelikhood I’ll wind up hijacking planes in Just Cause 2 again.

Can’t ever go wrong with that. :)

Haven’t a clue. Maybe Civilization V with the most recent patch. Maybe Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition with the fancy hi-res texture patch. Maybe I’ll just watch Starcraft II streams all weekend like I did last time.

Time will tell.


For reference’s sake, the current winners are EU3: Divine Wind, Deus Ex: GOTY and streaming seven matches from the Battle.net North American Invitational.

I have a big backlog of games on PC and console so in all likelihood I’ll be playing more Minecraft. At least until I beat the final boss.

It’ll be more Fallout: New Vegas for me. Not even close to wrapping it up even after 72 hours of play time and not having started Old World Blues or Honest Hearts yet.