Weekly Little Big Planet: laser tag nemesis

Title Weekly Little Big Planet: laser tag nemesis
Author Christien Murawski
Posted in Features
When April 21, 2011

I've been known to hold forth on how annoying compulsory deaths are in these community levels. Deaths that are impossible for the player to avoid. Deaths that occur because the level designer was incompetent or lazy, or showing off..

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Good commenters! :P

Good article though. Liked reading about CoH from the point of view of someone who does not play RTS games.

I'm sure there is a lesson buried in here about the changing perspective of humans as they get older; from playing games for fun as a six year old to getting all serious and doing everything possible to win.

Also one other thing. I am really enjoying these articles that you are tucking in under the LBP diaris. I hope it remains a regular thing.

Thanks Josho! I really appreciate that.

Spoiler alert: it will. :)