Weekly Sci-fi channel Movies

I normally have a love/hate relationship with the weekly sci/fi original movies on saturday. I always watch them, but usually end up deleting them half way through…or fast forwarding as soon as they start doing the endless filler burn time shots. The special effects are usually crap as well. On the other hand the mino series like Dune, Taken, The Traingle are usually pretty good.

Anyway this week I saw Living Hell, and was plseantly suprised that it didnt downright suck. I got 1 hour and 30 minutes in before i noticed the first filler shot and the story flowed pretty well, some actual characters (the most developed one killed pretty early). Academy award winner for the stuff they usually put in this slot. Still, lousy effects, a few moments of awful pacing, and no real character development after they kill off the one truely interesting character. However the managed to miss just about all the typical sci-fi by numbers story writing, which makes this one of the better stories since Darklight. I think I would have watched this movie in the theature if they had beefed up the script with some actual character development, and put some higher quality actors and special effects in place, all and all, decent premise, and pretty well done!

Anyone else watch the weekly sci-fi movies have some thoughts on their quality? or some of there better efforts?

I had recently considered making a poll to figure out which was worse, SciFi movies of the week, or Uwe Boll movies.

I personally hate all the SciFi movies, I think they’re a waste of money that the channel could put to better use making better series.

I think they’ve had a few gems. Darklight, my spouce even enjoyed and she normally groans when I watch these sci-fi movies. I actually heard some chatter about Eye of the Monster in the cafiteria at work. :) Mainly because it stared James Vanderbeek, but also it had gasp, characters and character development and non verbal dailoge, it also had just a tad too much reptetive filler shots IMO, damn things makes me glad I have a tivo to FF past them.

My wife watches every week; she (and I to an extent) loves how hilariously bad they are.
I caught a trifecta of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, Warlock and Mazes and Monsters on Chiller this weekend. Awe-some.

A lot of them are joint productions with broadcaster’s in other countries. On the one hand it means the cost is shared, but on the other it means they tend to be uneven as they try to cater to different cultural needs. Plus, you get actors that you never heard of in the US but who are big in Australia or Germany or wherever.

Of course, at their core they are “B” movies, which means some are good and most aren’t.