Weep suckers! X-Com on PocketPC!

You guys remember that Russian project to port X-Com to the PocketPC? All we had for years was just screens in Russian?

Well, it’s done. And it’s in English. And it works like butta on my awesome Sprint PPC-6700 smartphone. (Quite possibly the greatest f’in phone yet made). (Shameless plug for my awesome phone http://www.mobileburn.com/review.jsp?Id=1755)

And now…

And everything is here… music, the strategic layer, base building and management, everything… and did I mention it was free?

Quick, play it for 100 hours and get back to us. Only then will we know how good the port is.

It might be easier than you think with X-Com.



I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

That playing 100 hours of X-Com is totally reasonable?

Damn, I just bought the T mobile version of that phone. Sweet.

I was thinking about getting that how do you like it?

Well it runs on my old viewsonic pocketpc, and fairly well at that. Haven’t played it much, was a little confused because no alien ships ever showed up even after 3 weeks. Not sure if I didn’t have the right base addon or what, but it looks promising.

That phone looks sweet, but I am not going to get another pocketpc/phone thingy till the standard resolution is at least 640x480, even at that small size. 320x240 is just too constrained for me to enjoy using it for anything.

Quick note for the PPC6700 phone users, there’s a new ROM update coming out tomorrow, at least according to Sprint, that fixes a number of small items, including finally having a keypad lock feature.

As many hours as I played X-Com ( and it was a LOT), for the life of me I can’t imagine playing it on a screen so small. Maybe it’s just me though.

It’s a bit bulky, but I really like the functionality. Internet access is a decent speed, and using it as a modem is cool. A little slow (supposedly it can’t run Skype), but for simple browsing, ssh, and listening to shoutcast streams, it’s cool.

I’ll buy it once they release the 640x480 version. A small screen is already constraining, a smaller resolution even more so.

I’ll buy it once they release the 640x480 version

Wasn’t the original 320x200? And aren’t PPC screen pretty much bigger than our early 90’s CRT sizes, anyway? :)

Yes, it was very much 320x200 but I was on a 15" NEC monitor in those days. Playing on something as small as a cell phone, well my 44-year old eyes would have conniption fits. Don’t see it happening (no pun intended).

I occasionally play X-COM on my 37" LCD. Not sure which is worse there.

Most of the betas did in fact have english versions, been playing for ages now, but thanks for the heads up that it’s ‘done’

I’ll grab it.

When you’re done with XCOM you should check out the free Transport Tycoon and WarCraft II ports for PocketPC.

freeciv seemed ok too. Really though, if you want strategy other than xcom, track down military madness for ps1, rip it, compress it, and play it with fpsece. Works great and is like advance wars w/ decent 3d cinamatic battles that almsot have a battlezone 1 vibe to their art.

Uh, link?