Weiner gives iPads to LinkedIn

(Congratulations on the haul to any on this forum, understand we have at least a few employees on board here.)

Source: techcrunch.com

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Pulls An Oprah, Gives Every Employee An iPad Mini

Technology is a wonderful thing, especially when your employer hooks you up with gadgets for free. Today, we’ve learned that LinkedIn has decided to give all of its employees an iPad mini. This reminds us of Oprah Winfrey giving things to her audience and exclaiming “You get an iPad, you get an iPad!”

A spokesperson from LinkedIn confirmed this for us, as it’s not something that you’d want to report if it weren’t true. Employees could have gotten sad.

“We wanted to acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments of all of our employees in 2012. During today’s bi-weekly All Hands meeting, we surprised our employees with iPad Minis as a small gesture of the company’s gratitude for their contributions.”

Here’s a look at CEO Jeff Weiner standing with a whole bunch of them:

God knows they made enough in their IPO to do this.

I recently got an email saying I was among the first 500,000 (of now more than 200 million) LinkedIn members. Where’s my iPad?

They also sent out emails a few days ago telling everyone that they had one of the top 1/5/10% most viewed profiles of 2012, which turned out to be a load of horseshit.

Horseshit? Boo. They told me my profile was top 1%, which I attributed to being part of the 38 Studios debacle.

It would be nice if they used iPad minis to fix published articles feature. Did any of them worked in science and realized that a) author order matters b) journal it published to also matters.

“Gives employees and extra day or two of pay” doesn’t have the same ring to it, I guess.

Exactly. I’m not sure why this is generating hubbub.

I’m not sure why this is even a thread. Who cares if they got an iPad?

Yeah, stupid good stories should not be of interest to anyone! We don’t need your friggin rainbows here!

I briefly thought this is about Anthony Weiner and was confused…

Bunch of first-worlders who can easily afford iPad minis are given free iPad minis. yay! I’m so happy!

Edit: removed my reasoning - People will be angry for no reason no matter what.

It must be tiresome to be so negative all the time - anyways, enjoy it!

According to Linkedin, I have more than 200 years of experience in my current job.
( thats not a error, linkedin know soo little about it, because I don’t give better info)

Guys, it was pretty cool when he did this.

I was in our NYC office for the day. He was talking about pausing to enjoy a year of hard work. Our thing is that we always say, “Next play” to focus on what’s coming next instead of resting on our Laurels. Anyway, he said he had facilities place a few cards under chairs and for everyone to look around the world under their chairs. He checked in with each on the video chat and no one got one. He then said something like “F*ck it, everyone gets an iPad mini.”

It was awesome. Such an inspiring company to work for. I get stopped all the time by people telling me how LinkedIn helped them get a job or some new opportunity.

Now I find myself really enjoying the IPad mini even though I’m a hardcore Android guy.

That is pretty awesome, Ender! Congratulations! It IS a pretty cool service that Linkedin fullfills, and they do it without much intrusion at all, which I find amazing and pretty great.

Very nice Ender :)

I’d prefer an Android tab tbh

I love my Nexus 7, but my kids prefer the ipad mini now. Better kids games on the ipad.

There’s no accounting for taste.